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I just have one recurring question
Posted By: padraig08Date: 6/15/12 9:38 p.m.

In Response To: Arbiter (Seraph XXVII)

: First I have to say, everything I've seen about Halo 4, I have loved! I think
: 343i is doing a fantastic job of bringing Halo back, yet pumping some
: fresh new life into it. I can not wait for Halo 4 to be released.

: But! If i could have one request granted, it would be to bring the Arbiter
: back. I was watching some of the cutscenes from Halo 3 and it reminded me
: how much I love the character of the Arbiter. It's still absolutely
: possible that he is in the new trilogy, since we really don't know much
: about the campaign. MC is likeable enough, and Cortana is a really
: interesting character, but the Arbiter is by far my favorite. I just want
: to see more of him, but I don't really know he would fit into the context
: of the new trilogy, if at all. His story arc was about redemption/justice,
: so I can't really see how he would fit into the new games, aside from
: being a side kick.....but I'd be happy even with that. Or even his own
: game (XBLA maybe)? or his own books? something!

Where are the Brutes? Are they mentioned at all in Glasslands? I'm sure they'll pop up, but I'm curious what happened to all the apes?

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