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Re: Correct me if I'm wrong..
Posted By: uberfoopDate: 5/13/12 12:34 p.m.

In Response To: Correct me if I'm wrong.. (FyreWulff)

: But isn't CE being 70 FOV just the PC version, and the OXbox version was 90?

That's a common belief, but it's easy to verify that it's false.

Center your verticle angle in CE so that you're looking more or less straight forward. Look at what's on the right hand of your screen. Rotate to the left until you can't see anything from the first view. Do that again. Do that one more time. Is the thing that was on the right hand of your screen now at roughly the left hand of your screen? If the FoV was 90, it ought to be!
I measured that it takes about 5 and 1/8th rotations to get back to the object; 360/5.125 is roughly 70.

70 degrees also makes sense in that 108 degrees (well, 109; it's possible that I was a degree or so off when measuring one of these views) is the natural 8:3 extension of a 70-degree 4:3 view; my tangent-scaled images show that the 8:3 split-screen view is basically just the 4:3 fullscreen view extended horizontally.

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