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Segmented runs and squashed imagery
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 5/5/12 5:00 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Two Betrayals on Legendary - Zero Shot in 17:3 (slYnki)

: Hey Rockslider. I'm gonna respond to all your questions without quoting your
: post. Thread might get a bit clogged if I do, so you best have your
: questions handy for reference =)

I don't think it would've caused any problem, but it was easy enough to have another window open of course, and thanks for the answers (though I was starting to think you'd gone on vacation).

: 2:03 - When you press that switch, if you press it again as soon as the
: animation stops, the door will open, but only a handful of enemies will
: spawn outside the door. Then you just have to press the switch again to
: trigger just about everything.

Hmmm, interesting. I don't suppose you could get half a Grunt to spawn, or something? It would be fun to spawn one without a backpack and see him collapse in a gasping heap.

: 3:30 - Sometimes the covies will spot you if you don't crouch past those
: windows, and I needed them all to be standing still, doing nothing. Makes
: sneaking past less stressful. As for grenading the elites, they are really
: good at chasing you down, so I decided to wait until the red elite turned
: his back, tossed a nade, then ran through.

Well, I gave things a go as I was curious, and although I didn't have time to persevere too long, I did find (as expected) that if you simply run straight around the room, on rare occasions no Elite will spot you; and thus if you also do a good job at the exit, you could surely get clear.

But this starts to get at why I have reservations about the value of 'segmented runs' - a term I find dubious as they're not actually runs. On the face of it, one might think that such a clip montage can potentially serve as a collection of examples of how you can speed exceptionally fast though the various sections. However, in many cases the brevity of a section clip would be due in large measure to something quite lucky (or even exceptionally lucky), such as when enemies just happen to be looking the other way. The player can just repeat things ad nauseum until things happen sufficiently favourably or freakily - though skill will often play a significant part too of course. As such, the resulting bit of very speedy example play would actually be quite unrealistic, thus with poor educational value. So I feel like proper runs are a lot more worthwhile and more readily admired (though I'm only properly interested in combat-based running, as you probably know). I can admire bits of a segmented run, but I don't really see a coherent whole I can admire.

: 15:58 - I don't know exactly why this works, but if you don't kill that group
: of flood, or some of the flood in the cave up ahead, the enemies in the
: final area don't load, thus making it impossible to end the mission.

That seems like a very weird dependency and it would be interesting to have it pinned down more precisely. Offhand I can't think of any other situation where bypassing enemies causes trouble. I'm wondering if something in your earlier speedy play is responsible for opening the game up to this trouble. Otherwise, it could equally occur even for just a normal player who happened to bypass some enemies - which would make it a pretty serious bug!

: As for the encoding, there's nothing wrong with it. I captured this in
: 1280x720, then I stretched the 4:3 image in Sony Vegas to those
: dimensions. If I didn't, there would have been two huge black bars next to
: the video on youtube, and I wanted widescreen.

I'd say uberfoop has already hit the nail on the head with his opening line. To my mind an undistorted image is a baseline requirement for any quality viewing experience, which is why I normally just ignore vids with squashed imagery. I couldn't have watched your footage at it was. Course, it would help if YouTube had the aesthetic sense to display 4:3 vids properly in the first place, rather than following its primitive widescreen-fits-all approach, but I doubt they'll ever do that.

Bad Cyborg

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