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"FF Survival" - gametype and vid
Posted By: RC MasterDate: 11/1/11 11:50 a.m.

So, I was a bit miffed that 343i decided to remove FF Limited without any mention of a replacement or the barest effort at improving the playlist's gametypes or population numbers.... But enough complaining already RC!

I decided to step up to the plate and offer my own gametype which aims to keep the core spirit of the Firefight mode while changing up a lot of things compared to FF Limited.

Download the Gametype

I also posted a thread on Waypoint's Matchmaking forum to discuss this which goes into more detail.

Essentially you get more lives and beefier loadouts, but don't get the infinite ammo weapon crate or weapon drops (so no Target Locator-ness). Waves are ordered so you know whats coming next and can prepare (like Score Attack), and you get a bonus round that super-charges you and gives you a whole mess of Brutes to smash through.

I'm very keen to get feedback on this gametype and I would very much like to show 343 that people didn't play Limited not because they didn't enjoy the gist, but because Arcade was so much easier and more lucrative. I can improve the gametype, and they just need to adjust the credit balance between the playlists.

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"FF Survival" - gametype and vidRC Master 11/1/11 11:50 a.m.
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