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Wow, happy 4th.
Posted By: padraig08 <>Date: 7/3/11 1:05 p.m.

In Response To: 343i: Question about the 53rd Armored Division (CaptainTony)

: First off, what a brilliant and surprising video to wake up to, on this, the
: day of my sister's wedding. What a treat! I'd just like to know a couple
: things about this legendary titanium-clad division.

: 1. Considering it's known as the "Armored Division" as commonplace
: in American, British, etc. army formations rather than the
: "Tank" designation the Marine Corps gives, is it safe to say
: that the 53rd Armored Division is UNSC Army property?

: 2. How do you spell that Colonel's name. :)

: 3. Was said Colonel the an acting Divisional Commander, the divisional Chief
: of Staff, or a brigade commander?

: Thanks!

I know it's universal than just an American thing, but this video has gotten me in those high spirits, like the speech from Independence Day. Awesome.

BTW, is the 53rd Armored Division from any previous fiction or are they alluding to more future stuff? or it could be from one of the books I haven't read.

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