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Re: Done.
Posted By: bryan newman <>Date: 6/30/11 9:22 a.m.

In Response To: Done. (Revenant1988)

: I apologize for directly insulting you in my replies. I'm just so sick of the
: negativity and baseless arguments. Not from you, from a lot of people. As
: a few people have said above, you would benefit from a little less
: pessimism in your posts. The reason I have such a problem with your last
: topic, is not once did I see anything positive from your comment. I expect
: good balance, I want to see pro's and con's, likes and dislikes. When you
: jump straight to the negative, it make me negative.

: I think, that it is too early to just start setting in stone how you (anyone)
: feel about these announcements regarding Halo CEA, Halo 4, Aerospace, and
: Bungie'e next project. A wait and see approach is better, IMO.

: I prefer the term "Cautiously Optimistic" and I try to approach
: things in this way. Please be more courteous when you bring up a hot
: discussion, and I promise the reply's will reflect the nature of the first
: post.

Ok then, truce....As I said earlier though, it was the heat of the moment...They have been building the aerospace rumors for almost 2 years, then when I found out what it really was I think I was just more disappointed at the amount of secrecy regarding something so...odd. Good luck to them in all future endeavors. "Cautiously Optimistic" thats a good way to approach the situation.

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