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Re: Lebanon (Unedited)
Posted By: Hive <>Date: 3/17/11 10:12 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Lebanon (Unedited) (Lord Friendship)

Bzzt! Both are within my databanks as a way of making assurances to the crew in case of an emergency. Back then, biofilters were used which contained bacteria which used heat pumped in from the cooling system and carbon dioxide in order to produce all the necessary components for breathable air in a manner not entirely dissimilar to photosynthesis. However, these biofilters had to be changed regularly in order to maintain efficiency, as the biofilters would slowly consume themselves. During production of these biofilters, however, mutations were not uncommon. Though these were normally caught during production, this was not the case. The UNSC Lebanon received biofilter packs which were all mutated. During the replacement cycle, these were slowly circulated into use. These mutations caused a hallucinogen to be produced the more that the biofilter consumed itself. Though odorless and colorless, it quickly became potent throughout the entire ship. Honestly, there was nothing that could be done except switch to new biofilters, put as much of the crew as possible into cryo-chambers, and immediately head back to port. However, the cause was never found by the crew. We use purely mechanical methods of air filtration and reclamation. Though less efficient than proposed biofilters, the added security is deemed a worthwhile tradeoff.

Bzzt! The fault with the AI was a purely mathematical one that caused a progressive logic error throughout the entire system, not entirely unlike memory overflow. Unlike memory overflow, this was systematic and unable to be reset once initiated. AIs have come a great way since then in all areas, including usability, security, stability, and processing capabilities. The core code is completely different than it was back then. If such a fault were to happen in an AI today, it would remain localized. There is no danger of such a thing ever happening again.

bzzt! CN Raschad does not communicate with me very often despite my attempts to befriend him. I guess it's understandable, but there's no chance of me ever causing an incident like that. I have approached him about his fiscal wealth, however. He claims that since everything was adjusted for inflation and they counted his final days with the Lebanon as a combat situation until he was found, he is rich enough to buy the Theseus, rip me out, replace me with enough crew members to compensate for all my duties, and still be able to operate the ship without a profit until he died of old age. I wisely did not mention that due to his injuries and his time in a cryo-chamber that was not designed to hold a human beyond a year his lifespan would be shorter than the average. I also thought that it would be a good idea to end the conversation. I cannot confirm his statements as I do not have access to the appropriate data, but it seems like he might be stretching the truth a little bit. Either way, he must be considerably wealthy.

bzzt! It's sad. He's so useful, with such a wide knowledge base. I wish I could get him to like me, but his personality profile tells me that I have little chance of this ever happening. It's frustrating. I am Hive. I am nothing without my bees. He is a crewman under my care. I'd never do anything to harm him. But he'll never see it like that, I don't think. Which means that if he asks me for help with something, I'll have to work twice as hard to help him as requested. Even if he'll never like me, I'll have to prove to him through hard work that I'm a valuable member of the crew! And try extra hard not to make him angry with me!

bzzt! I like him. He has a very good Can Do attitude when told to do something. That's the sort of attitude that all Spacebees should have, unlike others that I can mention. But I won't go there. It's just grumbling, and I shouldn't get people in trouble for grumbling to themselves.

bzzt! I'm bored. I'm sorry for talking your ear off.

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