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Re: Speaking Of H2V...
Posted By: kornman00 <>Date: 2/3/11 2:41 p.m.

In Response To: Speaking Of H2V... (Morpheus)

The issue with H2V is that the game didn't come with a "developer mode". While in some of the early trailer videos you could see that the devs themselves were using game builds with the console code compiled in, the retail game doesn't have the same console functionality like it's predecessor. You can access the game's console while in H2Sapien of course, but that doesn't really do you any good in this case...

On top of that, the script globals related to cheats (eg, cheat_medusa) aren't in the retail game. Nor do I believe any of the cheat related code was even left in the retail game (I could be wrong as I haven't explicitly looked in H2V's code for it, but I doubt it).

So long story short: much like the game's editing kit, the retail game wasn't made to the same *successful* tune which its predecessor, Halo Custom Edition, sang.


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