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Speaking Of H2V...
Posted By: Morpheus <>Date: 2/3/11 8:14 a.m.

In Response To: Also, what are you doing with Halo 2 still? o_O *NM* (Pkmnrulz240)

Where's Medusa?

I don't know if you guys remember that, but the Halo:CE Dev Mode had a bunch of scripted cheats that made Campaign SO much fun.

A lot of times(especially during blackouts), I'd play H1 Dev on my laptop. The SECOND the game started, I'd put on Medusa and usually on Legendary. If I want a little giggle or to finish the game quicker, I use 'game_speed bat-$%*@ ^ %^*&-ing crazy'.

I just thought it was the coolest/funniest/awesome-est thing ever to walk out into HUMONGOUS battles like in AOTCR(underneath the double bridge) with Active Camo. There's a whole bunch of Marines and DOZENS of Covenant, several Ghosts, a Banshee, all that good stuff.

I walk out into the middle of the field and fire my pistol ONCE, and everyone(except the Marines, of course) falls dead to the ground instantaneously!

You have NO idea how awesome it is to walk through the Library on Legendary with no deaths and 0 shots! Flood literally dying mid-lunge, the rocket-carrying bastards you fear so much just fall right over at the sight of you!

So friggin' awesome.

So how come we don't have that for Halo 2 Vista? I mean, I've seen a couple of Dev modes and such, but none of them mention it anywhere. All this talk of code viewing and changing, I mean there's GOTTA be a way to make that real! I mean honestly, if that was the last thing ever done to H2V, I'd be happy.

...that, and a badass Skull Activation mod using the Function keys. ;-)

So, is that real? Can we do that?

...(whispers)can someone do that for me?

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