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Re: Want More!
Posted By: Hedgemony <>Date: 1/18/11 10:01 a.m.

In Response To: Want More! (Mid7night)

: Awesome work Hedge, really cool! I love all the HBO nods...makes me sad I put
: a number in my name, kinda hard to work numbers into everyday speech, LOL!
: :D

: One lil' nitpick, if I may; if you were referring to Insurrectionists, the
: shorthand used in the novels is "Innies" not "Indies".
: However, if you're creating another faction (which is fine, and I'm more
: curious even), perhaps Independents, then Indies works. Just pointing it
: out.

: Again, top drawer, Sir!

Totally different faction. All explained in Part Five:)

Thanks for the nice words. Even though I consider parts 2+3 the weakest of the bunch. If I may be so bold to say, but just wait until part 4+5. Man alive, these pages are the reason I wanted to do this comic. Part 5 looks so good to me I feel like someone else did them. Haha.



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