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Re: Meditation on the K/D ratio
Posted By: geophf <>Date: 1/13/11 1:52 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Meditation on the K/D ratio (Louis Wu)

: I'm wondering if the two people who responded before me even bothered to read
: your blog post - because they seemed to miss its point completely. ;)

"I keep forgetting the fact that the children of this generation do not read."
Hannibal Lecter

... but that's okay, I guess, the discussion got going, so thank you for calling attention to my entry here on hbo! :)

: Interesting read. I don't think I agree with it - if we all played Halo the
: way we'd fight in a real battle, the games would be REALLY boring, I think
: - but it's a worthwhile thought to keep in your head as you're deciding
: what your next move is. :)

Hm. I seen various views on this both on and off the forum here. For me, I just seen that people I play with charge right into the fray, both in campaign and online multiplayer, and end up getting sliced and diced by a nest of jackal snipers (Halo 2 Old Mombasa corridor, anyone?) whereas a more tactical approach would have helped the team better AND lead to a more enjoyable experience for them: spending time in respawn hell is fun?

And, yes, every battle is different, and it may be the perfect time to scream 'CHARGE!' and overwhelm the enemy, but then you run the risk of taking one for the team and seeing that, yes, you do (or did) have gray matter. And yelling 'CHARGE!' increases the likelihood that you will see your gray matter and you actually will help the other team.

Remember Ogre's run in Halo 2: 41-0 on team slayer. He did charge at the beginning, but it was well-planned and executed with a concrete goal: get the sniper out of the enemy's hands, and then did he help the team?

Yes, I think so.

We are all not Ogre, but we all can be tactical. marissasdad (Mike) lead our team to victory in a recent game of team slayer on Sword Base against a group of crass teabagging hotheads. I wanted nothing more that to charge in with sword and slice and dice the jerk who had just hurled insults at me as he humped my X, but Mike said, 'Hold back, let them come to us.'

And that's what we did, and we won that game, and the satisfaction of that win and that teamwork and that patience ...?


THAT was a fun game to play, and I want to play more games like that, with good teamwork and comms, and I want to go rushing for a first strike and an 'I owned you n00bs!' throw-down in the post-game lobby.

... And ... well, I do play with a (real) combat vet regularly (damy461), and he's a lot more level-headed about the game that your average JRandom, and both he, Mike and I had this discussion with our respective nephews marvelling in the postgame lobby about their K/D. When damy461 mentioned this discussion, I felt there was something there from us grizzled ancients to post regarding the prevailing view.

Thanks again for opening this topic to hbo for discussion!


All things Halo

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