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Guide to the Skies (New Alexandria) *IMGS & LONG*
Posted By: RC MasterDate: 11/22/10 7:21 p.m.

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New Alexandria Tourist Board welcomes all new arrivals to our beautiful coastal city! Colossal mountains to the South, Corvette bombardments from above, and the most Brutish fire fights on the planet mean New Alexandria is the place to be! On the first evening of your stay in the city, you're undoubtedly eager to explore the vibrant nightlife that our city has to offer. As a Noble Spartan, we are pleased to inform you that you gain automatic VIP entry to all the best destinations!

To help make your stay as fun and comfortable as possible, NATB is providing you with your very own self-drive Falcon! No need to worry about running out of gas or running into hostile Covenant forces; this beautiful machine will go on, literally, forever, and comes equipped with a nose-mounted machine gun and 5 cup-holders! Best of all: there's much less traffic in the skies. You'll travel in style, as the crow flies, to your party destinations. All of the clubs and hangouts in the city offer roof-top parking spaces at no extra charge!

Whether you are flying solo this evening, or a taking a tour with your friends, we're also sending two of our charming and armed personnel to escort you through-out your stay. They'll provide a stream of entertaining banter, mostly-useless tactical information and an endless supply of support fire!

Is your Falcon getting a bit messy after all that aerial dancing? Are you not enjoying the company of your current escorts? Stranded on a rooftop you don't recognise? No matter! Just press down on the d-pad of your communicator and two of our friendly staff will arrive shortly with a brand new Falcon.

Advisory Notice: The city is expecting heavy rain this evening and a number of irritating Banshee swarms have been spotted in the heights. To make sure this doesn't dampen your evening, be sure to bring a warm, waterproof coat, and keep your Falcon close by! It's an automatic; keep that trigger held down!

For those of you using Blind Skull on your evening, or maybe you just want a leg-up on the rest of the revellers this evening, our Director of Information, RC, has compiled an exhaustive, descriptive list of the places you may like to sample be. Originally compiled for his, the first ever, Solo, Legendary Style, All Skull augmented evening in city on 23rd September 2551, we now present it to you here in its expanded version, with high-resolution Holo-pics! Please peruse it at your leisure.

Caution: While partying Legendary Style with All Skulls On can be an amazing experience, it can be dangerous and frustrating for new comers. We recommend experimenting with a small number of Skulls at first, perhaps Heroic Style, and working your way up. As always: please use psycho-pharmaceuticals responsibly, do not exceed the legal limit of 13 Skulls and always read the label.


< .. < ...Begin transcript... > .. >

New Alexandria Objective Locations, Descriptions and Pictures

Table of contents:
Getting your BearingsThe Main HauntsSide Objectives
NorthFormatDeeling Institute - Mobile Jammer
EastVyrant Tower - Club ErreraDEK Centre - 1 Alpha 3, pinned
SouthSinoViet HM Centre - Reflection/Ivory TowerDNBM Financial Tower - Foxtrot 2-1, Hunters
WestNew Alexandria Hospital - The HospitalHoly Building - Evac Op, Shade Turrets
Starting pointONI Building - Olympic TowerJonto Building - Golf 2-7, Banshees
Maines-Traiger - 7 Charlie 4-zero
Misriah Complex - Elites and Engineers
Tree View Apartments - Wisky 3-9, Evacuees
TriSnipe Conglomerate - Oscar 1-8, Taking Sniper Fire
Jones' Enterprises - Buck, Phantom Squad Pinned
Nobolose Tower - Buck, Roof Collapsed
TF Sports - Buck, Classifed Ops

Gallery of Images - Slideshow


Getting your bearings

Throughout this guide, when Compass directions are referred to, this is where those directions are:

"North" is out over the bay, to the area that looks like a Sunset. (click to super-size)

"South/South-East" is where the mountain range is.
'Dark Mountain' is roughly East.

'Light Ridge' is more to the South.

"West/South-West" is towards the area of the city that is currently being glassed by Covenant Cruisers. It is typified by a bright orange glow.

The play area is a rough rectangle; with its longest sides to the North and South. You start on a circular, green high-lighted pad in the South-East corner of the play area. If you get teleported for an "evac", this is where you will return.

In the lower left of this picture, you can see the landing pad you start on:



[Objective proper name - informal name]

Begin: "[Quoted radio exchange - this is how you will know which destination it is when you're Blind Skulling it up. Listen carefully!]"

Objective: [objective text that appears in the Start menu of your communicator, a similar version will appear on your HUD when you receive the objective]
Location: [a description of the building and where it is in relation to landmarks]
Intel: [additional information about the destination]

[A description of the image]:
[Image of the location]


The 4 Main Haunts

Note: These buildings will flash yellow when you look in their direction.

Vyrant Telecom Tower - Club Errera.

4C27: "4Charlie2-7 to Command; request immediate assistance."
Kat: "Go ahead 2-7."
4C27: "We're at the Vyrant Telecomm Tower. Got Hunters between us and the jammer."
Kat: "Copy 2-7, help is on the way. Noble Six I'm sending you coordinates for the Vyrant Tower. Go get those Troopers un-stuck."

Objective: Destroy the Covenant Jammer at the tower.
Location: Large building, orange sign at the top with faint 'V' on it, orange band around the middle of the building on the Southern side. The building is in the North and central-West of the area.
Intel: 3 Grunts, 3 Shield Jackals, 2 Needle Rifle Skirmishers, 2 Brutes and 2 FRG Shades on the landing pads outside. Inside, the basic geometry of Club Errera mirrors the 'Crater' map in ODST, set on Earth, New Mombasa. Ordinarily there are 4 Hunters engaging several Troopers. Killing one of the ones on the dance floor will cause the Hunter at the back on the corresponding side to move down to the dance floor.
Alternatively, activate both of the Club Errera Easter-egg switches (one at 2 trees at the Hospital, and on the roof of the Vyrant tower) and you will only have to deal with 3 minor Brutes (though they will have concussion rifles).

The Vyrant Telecom tower from the South East, with Club Errera the orange landing pads at the bottom of the building:


SinoViet HM Centre - Reflection/Ivory Tower

7D19: "Mayday, mayday, 7-Delta 1-Niner (7D19) to all UNSC forces."
Kat: "What's your status 1-Niner?"
7D19: "We found the jammer, but we're gettin' hit. Request immediate assistance, SinoViet Centre is.. *uugh*"
Kat: "You still with me 1Niner? 7, Delta, 1-Niner, do you copy? Six, I'm uploading coordinates now. Get to SinoViet Centre, help those Troopers if you can, but get that jammer offline either way."

Objective: Destroy Covenant Jammer at Sinoviet - Destroy the Covenant Jammer in Sinoviet Industries
Location: Southern central. It is a large building with a green triangle on the side.
Intel: No need to clear the landing pad with the FRG Shades on it and walk your way in: Approach from the North East, near the level of the landing pad. You should see some beams above you connecting an outer shell to the main tower. The North-most beams are wide enough apart to fit a Falcon through, so fly up into there and rain death on the Brutes, Jackals and Grunts. Remember to target the Focus Rifle Jackal first as the enemies come out of a small door on the Eastern side.
Inside, it's clear on the way in. There is plenty of ammo, weapons (DMR, Rocket Launcher & AR) and armour abilities (Sprint, Armour Lock, Drop Shield and Active Camouflage). There are infinitely respawning Buggers on the way out but these can be sprinted straight past no problem. Go straight back up the middle towards the Sword spawn and go either left or right.

SinoViet - Eastern Face:

Western Face:


New Alexandria Hospital - The Hospital

Kat: "Stand by Six. One of our Trooper Squads went silent after the Hospital got hit. I'll mark the location. Complete their mission, and take out the jammer."

Objective: Destroy the Covenant Jammer at the Hospital.
Location: North-East corner of the map. It's a very a tall and wide building with a small blue sign on the side. It's linked to a smaller building by a large curved bridge (within which the jammer is located). There is a highly visible glow of fire from the Eastern side of the Northern building. It is tightly ringed by four smaller towers linked by curved bridges.
Intel: Lots of enemies: come prepared! You start on the 3rd floor, there is 1 DMR on the 2nd floor, 2 on the 1st floor, and another on the ground floor. There is a Drop Shield and Armour Lock on the 2nd floor. Sprint and Hologram available on the 3rd floor. There are healthpacks on every level. In the stairwell it is mostly Grunts, a few Jackals, 1 Engineer and 1 Brute. If you're quiet outside, you can catch the first 4 Grunts just inside the door asleep, and can land silent kills on all of them.
In the curved bridge, jammer hallway, it is all Brutes and one Engineer right next to the Jammer. A few injured troopers will be at the end near the jammer. Grab the Needle Rifle from the Brute just before for some quick kills. There are 3 more DMRs in this area and rocket ammo on the small bridge.
After destroying the jammer, several Elite Rangers will enter the hallway, unless you guide the Troopers back to the stairwell, in which case the Rangers will stay around there after they spawn. There will be a Concussion Rifle Ultra Elite on the ground floor of the stairwell, with two Needle Rifle Skirmishers on the ramp behind him. Sometimes, an additional 2 Needle Rifle Skirmishers will spawn on the 2nd floor but, this usually only happens when you force the Rangers to stay in the stairwell.

The Hospital from the South West:


ONI Building - Olympic Tower

Kat: "Noble 2 to Noble Leader, all jammers are down."
Carter: "Solid copy Noble 2. All personnel are to be evacuated from ONI HQ. Say: 'Confirm.'"
Kat: "Confirm. Evac of ONI tower is... *ugh*"

Objective: Fly to the ONI building
Objective 2: Destroy the anti-air Shades to evacuate the Pelicans. (shows after dialogue is complete)
Location: Tallest accessible building. Set of red-tipped spires on the top. Set in the middle of a large group of smaller buildings. It is East of Vyrant, West of the hospital and North of SinoViet. Darker tinged than the rest of the buildings.
Intel: The 6 shade turrets are laid by 3 Phantoms on the 6 nearest buildings, of irregular height, to the tower. You should be able to spot the Shades quite easily from the trails of plasma. You can hover over Olympic Tower itself and pound the positions with relative safety. Watch for Banshees that will slowly circle up to your height. You must land on the highest landing pad on the South-East facing side of the building. Just below the blue windows.

Olympic Tower from the South:


Randomly picked Side objectives

Notes: Two of these will come up, at random, in a random order, in between the 3 main jammer sites. Notable exception to this are the Buck missions: a maximum of one of the Buck missions will show per play-through.

Deeling Institute - Mobile Jammer

Kat: "Six, Covies brought out a mobile jammer to mess with our short-range. Sending you the waypoint; go deal with it."

Objective: Destroy a Covenant Jammer and eliminate the infantry.
Location: West of the SinoViet Centre. North-East of Holy Tower. Cooling towers and a series of pipes on the roof. It is on fire in its North-Western edge. Billowing smoke. The Jammer pulses a blue light every 2 seconds that you may be able to use to spot the building.
Intel: 5 Brutes with Concussion Rifles and Needle Rifles. 3 Grunts, one with an FRG. You must land and hit the button to destroy the jammer.


DEK Centre - 1 Alpha 3, pinned

1A3: "1 Alpha 3 to Command. Covies got us pinned down on a roof top. We need help pronto. Uploading the waypoint, over."
Kat: "Copy 1Alpha3. Noble Six, proceed to waypoint and give those Troopers a hand."

Objective: Defend/Rescue the Marines from Brutes
Location: The DEK Centre. ENE of Olympic Tower (ONI HQ). The building slightly outside of the set of buildings that shades are put on later. Has a bright blue (lit) stripe on each side with faint 'DEK' in white letters.
Intel: 4 Brutes with Spikers or Needlers. No AA threat.

DEK Centre from the South-East:


DNBM Financial Tower - Foxtrot 2-1, Hunters

F21: "This is Foxtrot 2-1 on the DNBM Financial Tower, is anybody out there?"
Kat: "Copy 2-1, go ahead"
F21: "We got Hunters tearing us a new one!"
Kat: "Hang on. Noble Six, uploading coordinates."

Objective: Defend/Rescue the Marines from Hunters.
Location: DNBM Financial Tower. The building immediately East of the Vyrant tower. Criss-cross pattern on the roofing sections.
Intel: Two Hunters. They'll be too preoccupied with the Troopers to shoot your Falcon.

DNBM from the South (with Vyrant Tower in the background):


Holy Building - Evac Op, Shade Turrets

Kat: "Noble Six, we've got an evac op being harassed by a Covenant Shade Turret. Neutralize it so we can get those people out of there."

Objective: Take out the Covenant infantry and anti-air turrets.
Location: Neo-Christian Centre for Religious Learning: a very tall, flat building, with a large irregular hole in it. Called the 'Holy Building' for short.
Intel: Two FRG Shade Turrets, 3 FRG Grunts, 1 Concussion Rifle Brute. Ammo will sometimes de-spawn very quickly.

Holy Building from the East:


Jonto Building - Golf 2-7, Banshees

G27: "Golf 2-7 to HQ. We're on the Jonto building. Got Banshees all over us."
Kat: "Lieutenant, I'm sending you Jonto's coordinates. neutralize those Banshees."

Objective: Take down Banshees to assist the Marines.
Location: Jonto Building. North of Holy Building. Bridge linked to the Nobolose tower. Part of the chain of 7 bridge-linked buildings that snake through the city.
Intel: There are 3 particular Banshees circling it which must be killed. Don't get killed by other Banshees in the process!

Jonto Building from the North East:


Maines-Traiger - 7 Charlie 4-zero

7C40: "7 Charlie 4-Zero to HQ, we've got incoming hostiles on top of the Maines-Traiger building. Requesting immediate assistance."

Objective: Rescue the Marines from Jackal infantry.
Location: Maines-Traiger, the smaller, purple-highlighted building west of the large Hospital tower. One of the buildings bridge-linked in a ring around the Hospital complex.
Intel: With Thunderstorm, Jackals with Needle Rifles. Otherwise, with needlers and PPs.

Maines-Traiger from the South West:


Misriah Complex - Elites and Engineers

Kat: "Noble Six, we're getting reports of Elites and Engineers trying to break into the Misriah Complex. Take them out."

Objective: Neutralize the Elites and Engineers.
Location: The Misriah Complex is the purple topped building immediately South of the Vyrant Tower.
Intel: 3 Engineers which gives the 4 Elites near permanent overshields. Take the engineers out first, then the Elites. They will have Needle Rifles and FRGs.


Tree View Apartments - Whiskey 3-9, Evacuees

W39: "Whiskey 3-Niner requesting immediate assistance.
Kat: "Copy 3-Niner, go ahead."
W39: "Just picked up some evacuees, but we're surrounded by long-range shade turrets."
Kat: "Solid copy 3-Niner. Lieutenant, proceed to the waypoint and eliminate those shade turrets."

Objective: Destroy the anti-air Shades to assist the Pelican.
Location: Tree-View Apartments. The set of 4 buildings NE of the SinoViet centre. SW of the Hospital. 3 larger, curved, damaged buildings with red and green highlights on the roofs, surrounding a smaller building in the centre.
Intel: The 3 shade turrets are on the three buildings surrounding the Pelican, which sits on the smaller building in the centre. Plasma type Shades.

Tree-View Apartments from the West:


TriSnipe Conglomerate - Oscar 1-8, Taking Sniper Fire

O18: "Oscar 1-8 reporting, just took out a jammer and we're waiting for evac but taking sniper fire."
Kat: "Understood 1-8. Six, clear that LZ."

Objective: Protect the Marines by killing the Jackal Snipers.
Location: South-East corner of the area. By the spawn point. The marines are on the building in between 3 identical, red highlighted buildings (a.k.a. The TriSnipe Conglomerate). You should see the Focus Rifle beams from a distance, while the Troopers are still alive...
Intel: 3 Focus Beam wielding Jackal Snipers. There is 1 on each of the towers. On a ledge below the 4 horizontal, white lights. They can do damage to a Falcon if you get too close.

The TriSnipe Conglomerate and the spawn pad from the North West:


Jones' Enterprises - Buck, Phantom Squad Pinned

Buck: "Command, this is Gunnery Sergeant Buck, of the 11th ODST, over."
Kat: "Copy Gunnery Sergeant. Go ahead."
Buck: "Phantom's got one of my squads pinned, I need to take it out and evac my troopers."

Objective: Escort the Falcon.
Location: The Falcon begins by circling Jones' Enterprises, a small building directly North of the Vyrant tower.
Intel: You need to keep pace with the Falcon. When it stops, get within 100m to trigger it again. Lots of Banshees. It flies south on the East side of the Vyrant tower and then stops North West of the SinoViet centre. It then flies South to a small building South-South-West of SinoViet; the Takmin Mining Corp. It's about half-way between SinoViet and the Holy Building. There it engages a Phantom. Help Buck to destroy it. Once it's dead, your objective is complete. The Falcon will land to pick up some ODSTs but you don't need to worry about it anymore.

Jones' Enterprises from the South (with the Vyrant Tower on the left of the image):

Takmin Mining Corporation from the North East:


Nobolose Tower - Buck, Roof Collapsed

Buck: "Command, this is Gunnery Sergeant Buck, of the 11th ODST, over."
Kat: "Copy Gunnery Sergeant. Go ahead."
Buck: "My guys got caught in a fire fight in the Nobolose Tower; roof collapsed. I gotta get over there to get them out."
Kat: "Solid copy. Noble Six will escort your Falcon to the Tower."

Objective: Escort the Falcon.
Location: The falcon spawns on E.S Palloc Investments, a tall building in the South-East corner of the map. It has a thick tower, and a thin tower, connected at the top, and with struts between them.
Intel: Follow it and as above, keep pace. It stops in front of the SinoViet building first. Then it circles around behind it. Next stop is the Misriah Complex. Then finally to the Nobolose Tower.

E.S. Palloc from the North (left of image):

Nobolose Tower from the East:


TF Sports - Buck, Classifed Ops

Buck: "Command, this is Gunnery Sergeant Buck, of the 11th ODST, over."
Kat: "Copy Gunnery Sergeant. Go ahead."
Buck: "Need escort on a classified op. Send someone who knows how to fly a tight formation."

Objective: Escort the Falcon
Location: The Falcon spawns on TF Sports HQ building South-East of the ONI tower, on a landing pad part of the way down the building on the Northern side. It is in between the ONI Tower and Tree-View Apartments, on the Eastern side, relative to Olympic Tower, nearer to the Hospital.
Intel: As above; keep up. First stop is just a take off right next to the building. Then, it heads towards SinoViet, stopping in between two buildings (one of the bridge linked one, and another freestanding one). After that it stops at Blops PMC HQ briefly and then flies out of the city. I encountered a LOT of Banshees during this mission, so stay sharp.

TF Sports HQ from the East:

Blops PMC HQ from the North (right of image):


< .. < ...Transcript Complete...> .. >

Enjoy your stay!

-NMTB (/)


First, the Disclaimer: This list may not be complete. As they are selected randomly, I can't be sure I've got all of them without knowing how many there are supposed to be. These are all the ones I've encountered and heard about. If you encounter one that's not here, please let me know (and preferably include a clip too ;) ). If you find any typos, discrepancies or inaccuracies, also let me know. Either in a reply or in an email (you can find my address in my profile).

As is, sort-of, stated in my in-universe introduction, I originally compiled this list to help me with my attempts at New Alexandria on Mythic (Solo, Legendary, All Skulls On, Scoring and No saves). Undoubtedly, that is where it will find its main application. But still, I thought you guys might appreciate the knowledge and images as well. So, I cleaned it up, added images, formatting and style, and here it is!

Yes, some of the building names are made up by me; theres simply no easier way to refer to something than to give it a name. If you know of a building's real (Bungie given) name, let me know.

Oh, and in case you didn't realise; click on the images for the 1080p version!

Hope you enjoy!


Wanna party Mythic Style? Click here for a guide to how!

*Images Hosted by Imageshack*


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