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Re: Other curiosities and Box Acronym *SP?*
Posted By: thebruce0 <>Date: 9/15/10 12:37 p.m.

In Response To: Other curiosities and Box Acronym *SP?* (PyroSporker16)

: I also noticed in the main ONI facility there is a generic computer terminal
: scattered throughout the map that have an ONI log in screen on them. In
: the bottom left, if I remember correctly from my pitiful partial game
: playthrough last night, there is a number in a format that was like
: x.xx.xxxx. The best guess I had was the birthdate of one of our beloved
: developers? I think the numbers were like 6.17.1978. And then in the top
: center is another number that started with 45.xx.xx that made me think of
: latitude or longitude coordinates for some reason. Maybe you can get a
: photo of it?

Hmm, will have to check that one out too...

: Not to mention there is a new box acronym to add to the pile of unsolveds.
: Where is an mnemesis when you need one :D
: Limited and Legendary appear to be the same this time around. I'm not sure
: about standard.

Interesting, where's that? Did I manage to get it in one of my photos at ?

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                 That's awesome :) *NM*thebruce0 9/15/10 12:37 p.m.
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                 I knew you would turn up! Thanks buddy *nm*PyroSporker16 9/16/10 4:21 p.m.
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