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AOTCR bridge descent movies, and queries
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 3/22/10 9:47 a.m.

In connection with an article I'm working on which will try to give a description and history of all single-player methods of descending off the first bridge in AOTCR, here are three movies showing four descent methods (and some carnage of course). I'm releasing these in advance in the hope of getting answers to some queries.

BCM11 shows two methods (only suitably for PAL I'm afraid) in which you bounce off the far right ledge. In the first you get cushioned by the hog, which is apparently not as hard and pointy as it looks! In the second you get cushioned by a rock, though that's much harder.

BCM12 shows two methods using the near right ledge. In the first you hit a very specific spot, enabling you to stay on. Getting the rest of the way down is just a detail really, but here I use what I consider the safest way. In the second you bounce off the ledge - again in a quite specific area - then a rock. Movie includes gratuitous stunt jumping towards the end!

BCM13 shows the latter two methods done fast for fun (no messing around getting a checkpoint for retries), so you can get down and greet the Pelican - and take a ride on it if you want!

As usual you can also view these here at HBO. They'll also be available on my new YouTube channel imminently.

Background info and queries

I found the hog method while exploring a few weeks ago, and for a while I thought it might be new. But trawling the HIH archives I found a passing reference to hitting the hog from grenadesticker, so I guess it's not so new after all. Anyone know where and when was it first advertised? Same query goes for the rock method, if that one is known at all.

Moving to BCM12, I found the stay-on-the-ledge method by accident while exploring the bounce method (I just got a bounce wrong and happened to end up still on the ledge one time). Again I wondered if it was new. The only possible mention I've found was here in the forum from 2002. That passing mention is a bit vague but seems to match (especially the bit about being left with only one health bar). Can anyone shed any light on this one?

You can consider that method a counterpart to xbill's method; just that it's done on the other side of the bridge. But actually I can't do xbill's method. I don't seem to have enough traction to stay on the ledge, and I'm wondering if that's because I have PAL. Are there any PAL users out there who can manage to stay on that ledge with xbill's method? You can see his original vid here at HBO; or see Scurty's AotCR Bridge Fall Shortcut vid on YouTube (he's usefully looking down, so you can see where you're supposed to land).

I likewise don't seem to have enough drift to manage the method shown in Scurty's AotCR Bridge Fall Shortcut (2). Again I'm wondering if it's due to having PAL. Can any PAL users do that one? I'd really like to sort out whether PAL has these drawbacks (less traction, less drift). It's already well known that NTSC and PC have their drawbacks, not letting you fall as far.

As for bouncing off the ledge then the rock, that was advertised by Chris Corelli in late March 2002 but I have the impression it got somewhat overlooked (possibly because he didn't have pics or a movie), so that when xbill posted his method later, people maybe thought that was the first single-player method done using jumping only. Apparently it wasn't.

Question: can you do Corelli's method on NTSC and PC? You should be able to make it to the ledge alive, because that fall is only as far as the one in xbill's method. But can you continue on ok to the rock? I suspect so, but would welcome confirmation.

Finally, if there's anyone here who'd be interested in possibly helping with other descent-related queries I have for the article, please give me shout (see the contact page at my site), thanks.

Bad Cyborg - a little bit bridge crazy lately

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AOTCR bridge descent movies, and queriesRockslider 3/22/10 9:47 a.m.
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