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Re: Homecoming and Ralph *SP*
Posted By: Phoenix_9286 <>Date: 2/28/10 6:08 p.m.

In Response To: Homecoming and Ralph *SP* (0postmortem0)

: In Homecoming, Ralph is a fellow Spartan-II inductee which Daisy hears on the
: radio. She went through a long ordeal with him, escaping from Spartan
: training on Reach to go back home to their families. When they arrive
: though, they find their failing clones have replaced them, and choose to
: return back to their training to become Spartans.

: Anyways she hears his voice on the radio many years later, and seems amazed
: that it is him. But when he finally shows up to extract her from the
: situation in a Pelican, he is wearing normal marine armor, and was
: possibly even acting as the pilot of the dropship.

: What up with this?

I was actually the one that asked Frankie about it.

According to him, "Ralph failed out of the program. Daisy made it through." Someone else inquired again about Spartan numbers, and just what happened to make him fail out, which lead to, "Numbers aren't necessarily sequential - or unique - as the nature of failouts dictates. The differences between Ralph and Daisy obviously happen after the van ride home - something we might explore later. I am talking to Nylund about all sorts of very cool things. :-)"

That's where things get interesting. The Reach project page on Bnet has short bios about all our new SIII friends, and of interesting note, is how some of them have psychological problems. Kat, I believe, felt remorse and blamed herself for the loss of the last Noble Six, even though it wasn't her fault. Jun has had several issues of Post Traumatic Stress. Emile collects Covenant "items", something that's a serious offense in the Navy (the bio goes on to make mention of the fact that, "Good thing we aren't Navy.")

Ralph and Daisy, among others, returned home to see their clones, living their lives. No one the wiser. If my memory continues to serve me, the rest of the escapees killed themselves. Ralph and Daisy were the only ones left, and Ralph killed his clone. I think it's safe to say, with the new information on the SIIIs in Reach, that Ralph had a whole boatload of psychological issues once he returned that made him unfit for duty as a Spartan in any capacity. What of all the augmentations then?

"He washed out post some enhancements, yes. Not all. And he obviously wasn't full grown. The question is, are they able to retard enhancements as well as nurture them? The answer is yes. I imagine he's still slightly more than baseline human, however. "

Only some enhancements. There were several rounds before all was said and done, right? Maybe he only got the first batch, psychological issues precluded him from getting the rest, and he washed out. I don't think ONI would want someone with issues like that, if his brain is all sorts of scattered, he wouldn't be much of a tactical asset. That leaves the Marine Corps.

It's not like there isn't a precedent here either, right? I'm totally failing to do any research here and running purely from memory, so I really hope someone can correct me if I'm wrong. The Spartan 1's, Project Orion, were no different. Johnson was a member of said program. I Love Bees, despite it's questionable canon, dealt with S1s and their offspring as well. S1s had minor enhancements, but nothing nearly on the scale of S2s or 3s.

So with all this in mind, I think we can more or less draw a path that says Ralph washed out after the first batch of enhancements because of unresolved psychological problems, effectively making him similar to an S1, and was transfered to the Marines as a result.

Either way, if Frankie is talking to Nylund, I can't wait to see what becomes of that line of discussion. Humanized Spartans with psychological issues is something I really want to see explored.

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