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Saxaphone trouble
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 9/21/09 7:53 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Ars Technica pans ODST (Narcogen)

: He went back to play on Heroic. Meaning the first playthrough, the one he
: said you could finish "on your lunch hour" was on Normal.

He did say his first play was on co-op with Normal though, so it's not like he was trying to obscure things to make his review sound extra damning (not that I'm saying you're trying to make that out). He also freely added that "Jacking up the difficulty will, of course, add an hour or two", making it extra clear that he's aware Normal is only one difficulty level. Admittedly he does end up giving the verdict "Short campaign", and it's hard to be sure whether he was thinking too much of his initial play there - a play of little value as a way of judging campaign length (for us more committed types anyway). Other than that, it's hard to criticise much else in the review without having experienced the game myself. But I didn't get the impression he was being unreasonable or had any sort of vendetta, and it's entirely possible I could end up agreeing with a lot of his negative points.

Actually I can already relate to at least one thing he mentioned: "there is nothing that breaks the atmosphere like randomly placed saxophone solos". Well, I'm not talking about saxaphone solos in particular ha ha; I'm talking about music in general. Although I've always appreciated the music in the Halo games, it's also been too intrusive for me in places - even in my easy favourite H1 - and I'd love to have the option to play with music off, for the extra immersion and realism that would give me. It would of course be so easy for Bungie to add this feature and thus give us another way of experiencing the game. But it ain't in H3 and I doubt it'll be here either. Bungie apparently insists that we hear the music! Well, it's their game so they've got every right, but it's a decision I find infuriating because all it does is deny myself and like-minded others an additional way to enjoy things. I suppose they consider the music to be integral to the game's identity, so they insist on it being there. Or maybe Marty has a clause in his contract stating there will be no darned off-switch for his hard work thank you very much! Uh, I think I'm only joking on that last one. If it's really an identity thing though, that certainly wouldn't make sense for me. I don't consider the music an integral part of the experience. Take away the music in H1 and I'd still be loving it.

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