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Re: Ars Technica pans ODST
Posted By: PsychoRavenDate: 9/21/09 11:01 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Ars Technica pans ODST (Narcogen)

Ok now that I've had sleep I couldn't say it any better myself. Leave it to you to break it down so simply and eloquently.

Bungie has never been perfect. However there are some things which have always been great with them. That one thing is the music. Also as said reading the review he admits that his first play through was on normal with a friend. Then he makes it a point to mention the friends negative remarks. So he wasn't exactly being open minded it seemed.

Another thing I noticed. I went back and checked out his Halo 2 review there. I'm sorry but it even though it was good for the most part was not a good review. He managed to list the graphics as both a positive and a negative because well they weren't high rez like his computer can do. Then he said a negative was that it didn't have a PC port. Keep in mind though at the time of his Halo 2 review there was not a Halo 2 Vista. His Halo 2 review was pretty much just as negative as this one on the grounds it wasn't a PC shooter.

So how can I or anyone for that matter take his reviews seriously when he has shown that he's obviously not a big console gaming fan at least when it comes to first person shooters?

: You mean, like back when they took fire and ambient life out of Myth?

: Or when they ported Marathon 2 to Windows and the mouse controls didn't work?

: You mean, those times when Bungie could do no wrong?

: Or maybe it was the time when Bungie created a great multiplayer game that
: was marred only by a single weapon so powerful you'd be crazy to ever drop
: it, but that lacked Internet multiplayer?

: Or the time they added online multiplayer to that game, but took out
: everyone's favorite weapon?

: Those times when Bungie could do no wrong?

: I think it'd be incorrect to assume that there's been some kind of sea change
: here, or that if there has been one, that it occurs between Halo 3 and

: I think the more likelier trends at work here are, in no particular order: 1)
: No matter how popular a company is, nobody likes everything they do
: 2) At some point things become so popular the only way to be heard when
: talking about it is to be negative
: 3) ODST was initially described as something akin to an expansion that would
: be "value priced" and is now a full price item.

: Certainly I think some outlets might still have concluded that the value in
: the box of ODST isn't quite what it was for the previous titles, but I
: think it'd be far fewer if it had been priced that way from the start.

: Frankly I think there's some value in getting something out the door in less
: than three years. If they could put out something like ODST every year for
: that price, I might wince a bit but I'd probably do it. A short campaign,
: a new multiplayer mode, a few new maps, perhaps a new weapon or two and a
: vehicle, in 12 months... I'd go for that.

: Heck, that'd be close to being episodic. Like Half-Life 2 was supposed to be
: before it turned out each episode took as long to make as the original
: game (which is about as long as it takes to make a full Halo title
: anyway).

: One last word on that review: "I've since gone back to play the game
: again on Heroic difficulty in single-player, and I can see where the
: six-hour playthrough times are coming from."

: He went back to play on Heroic. Meaning the first playthrough, the one he
: said you could finish "on your lunch hour" was on Normal.

: He's going to chastise Bungie for the hub and spoke model as being
: "filler" because Halo fans "don't want to explore an empty
: city" and then plays a new title on Normal? I'm not sure he knows
: what Halo fans want. I count myself a Halo fan, and what I love more than
: anything are the worlds Bungie creates. I want to spend more time in them,
: not rush through as fast as I can. And I don't start out on Normal. If I
: start out on Heroic it's because I know I suck. Reviewers seem to play
: games on lower difficulties so they can breeze through and finish the game
: to write a review, and then blame the game for being short. It's a
: self-fulfilling property. Maybe Bungie ought to send out special reviewer
: copies locked to Heroic or above.

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