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Oct. 20-23 -Possible reasoning for date change
Posted By: ArchilenDate: 9/21/09 3:20 a.m.

I've been thinking about the change or date they apparently made for ODST. As all of you know, originally the Mombasa slipspace event, as well as the events of Halo 3: ODST, and the Earth levels of Halo 2 were supposed to take place in Oct. 20th. Yet we saw the date of Oct. 23rd in the H3ODST voice acting video - in a brief flash of the game's script.

Originally, i couldn't think of any reason for this. It just seemed weird, changing an established date for no reason. However, i've come up with a possible theory.

There needed to be an interval; a time for Regret's distress message to reach High Charity, which was at Soell system at the time - as well as time for Truth to deploy his Brute fleet and for it to travel to Sol. In the original, one-day timeline, such would've been hardly possible, even with Covenant slipspace velocities. As Truth knew of human presence on Earth, his ships could exit slipspace under the defense grids, and deploy straight to the planet - as well as catch the humans entirely by surprise; they thought the attack was over when Regret retreated, and suddenly a lot more Covenant would appear. Truth never wanted Regret and his elites to scour the Ark Portal; this is why he arranged it so Regret was forced to retreat. He merely used Regret as a tool to accomplish his ultimate goal; to loosen the human presence on earth, and then send his troops to clean up the mess. Even though the covenant civil war hadn't started yet, Truth had decided to cast the Elites aside long before it - and this was a part of the plan.

There's also a possibility these ships were remnants of the Unyielding Hierophant fleet - considering the Spartans fought brutes there, and that it was Truth who was scheming about the attack with Tartarus in the end of First Strike, even though the initial attack was made by Regret - who wasn't even aware of the Human presence on Earth.

The interval also gave the UNSC more time to organize its attack; Even though we don't know when the 405th arrived at Mombasa, we know it took a serious beating before the Chief arrived. The fighting could've lasted for a couple of days already. In Halo 2, the In Amber Clad is seen "taking the fight to the surface", but we don't know how long they planned for it and when the pelicans we see in Outskirts were in fact, deployed. The ODSTs were an integral part of the UNSC plan, they'd be used to loosen up the carrier's defenses, maybe as a diversion, while the Chief would infiltrate it from the ground. But everything went to hell, of course.

Suddenly, it all makes perfect sense. I'm almost glad they made this change.

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