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Halo: Reach Announcement Trailer Transcript
Posted By: ElusiveEagle519 <>Date: 6/15/09 2:56 a.m.

Well, I watched the Reach trailer over and over again to absorb as much as I could. I carefully analyzed the audio and looked for similarities between voices. I also tried to decipher some of the chatter as best I could. Each name below was chosen with careful and poignant thought. Here is my best guess at what we hear. Feel free to add updates or make corrections.



Remote Scanning Outpost Fermion: Gamma station, this is Fermion RSO. Unconfirmed report of an in-system slipspace rupture.

REACH Orbital Station Gamma: Impossible. Check your source.


Fermion RSO: Reading multiple pings below the Orbital Defense Grid.

Gamma Station: Oh, this can’t be happening.

Another Station Officer: There’s no mistake. It’s them.

Commander: Winter contingency has been declared. All units are mobilized and ready.

Spartan-320: This is Sierra 3-2-0, prepped for combat insertion.

[Nuke explosion]

Marine: What the hell was that?

Pilot: We’re coming in hot. Hold on!

Marine: We just lost our bird!

Another Station Officer: Oh my god!

[Begin chatter; the following takes place all together]

Gamma Station: What the hell is happening down there? A city just dropped off my map.

Civilian/Marine: There are people down here!

Marine: We’re falling back! Where’s our evac!

Civilian/Marine: Indeterminable chatter

Marine: We’re getting overrun. We’re holding position as long as we can.

[End chatter]

Commander: I need you in that fight, Noble 1. [Pause] Noble 1, come in. Noble 1, do you read me?

Spartan-259: This is Sierra 2-5-9. You got Spartans on the ground, sir. We’re not going anywhere.

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Halo: Reach Announcement Trailer TranscriptElusiveEagle519 6/15/09 2:56 a.m.
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                       InterpretationDe Laal 6/15/09 6:14 p.m.

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