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Posted By: Free Weights <>Date: 7/17/08 9:49 p.m.

In Response To: Surviving Prophets? *SP* (hnc)

I could swear I read something in Contact Harvest about the use of the Dreadnought destroying the homeworld. Something to that effect. Am I wrong?

: The beastiarium entry on the prophets seems odd compared with the others --
: it's the only one where the speaker seems less than sure about what is
: being reported -- why does it say that the prophets claim their homeworld
: was destroyed, rather than just saying that it was destroyed?

: Should we assume the prophets may be lying when they say this -- as the
: beastiarium says, why would they be reluctant to admit this fact if it
: were actually true?

: So is it possible that there are a whole bunch of prophets out there (the
: Stoics) still on the original prophet homeworld and the Covenant-based
: prophets are lying about it?

: Less likely -- we know from the terminals that the forerunner had the ability
: to cause stars to prematurely collapse. Is it possible that the prophets
: in the forerunner dreadnought were able to cause their homeworld's star to
: go nova? But it seems unlikely that they would have mastery over that much
: of the dreadnought's abilities at that point.

: Anyway, I'm not sure if there is anything in the account of the Prophet Civil
: War in Contact Harvest that contradicts this -- I loaned my copy to a
: friend.

: Thoughts?

: Is this terribly old?

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