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Re: A Message from Marty O'Donnell
Posted By: =NAV=Shadow <>Date: 10/18/01 7:40 p.m.

In Response To: A Message from Marty O'Donnell (Marty the Elder)

This is so, so true! I had the exact experience myself. I was waiting for Tribes 2 to come out, checking out all the screens, all the movies and everything, and then we I bought the game, there was nothing new. My mind was so used to seeing Tribes 2 from all the movies and screenshot I saw each day (yes, each day), that it was not much of a "suprise" that it was better than tribes 2 (a bit). Now this is just an example. Some really like Tribes 2 and some don't but that is not the point. It Sucks! (Jokes)
So anyhoo, ya I can understand which way your leading us to, Marty.
Thanks for the info.

: Ok folks; take this for what it's worth.

: I just got back home from playing a little golf with my dad (Bob O'Donnell
: a.k.a. surly dwarf, Dr. Kerr etc.) and checked old to discover
: that Gamespot (bless their hearts) has put up a bunch of new Halo movies.

: Here's the deal. If you are someone who's not sure whether or not you want to
: play Halo or buy an Xbox or whatever, then please go check out the movies
: and see if it helps you decide. If however, you are already a fan of Halo
: or Bungie and are planning on purchasing and enjoying Halo to it's fullest
: extent, then please ignore Gamespot and all the posts dealing with these
: movies.

: These movies are all quite simply "spoilers". Even if they don't
: give away some important plot point, they will spoil your pristine
: enjoyment of this game. Halo should be experienced from the beginning, on
: your home system, with your own surround sound speakers, or stereo
: headphones or whatever, not as short Mpeg or streaming movies off the
: internet.

: When I was quite young (shut up Claude) I remember seeing 2001 A Space
: Odyssey at the Michael Todd Theater in Chicago. I had virtually no clue
: what I was about to experience and seeing that movie in Cinemascope and
: stereophonic sound blew me away. I can't imagine what the experience would
: have been like if I had already seen the "cool" scenes on my
: home computer screen with Mpeg compressed audio. It most certainly would
: have lessened the experience.

: Anyway, that's the extent of my preaching for now. I hope you all buy Halo
: and enjoy playing it November 15. Be patient - it's almost there.

: p.s. - as a point of clarification, I am in no way comparing Joe Staten to
: Stanley Kubrick.

- Clan NAVCON -

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