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Re: Master Chief?!?!
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 9/14/01 9:09 a.m.

In Response To: Master Chief?!?! (Anaphiel)

: Reading the Gamespot preview has jolted me out of lurker mode. I have finally
: read something interesting and distressing enough to warrant comment.

: Did the writer actually say that the main character in Halo is named
: "Master Chief"?

: Master Chief? That sounds like one of those masked Mexican wrestlers or a
: rank within the Church of Scientology. Maybe he meant Master Chef. Iron
: Chef maybe? Maybe he meant it as a rank, like Master Sergeant, or Chief
: Petty Officer, and just got it screwed up?

: One can only hope that this is another example of a game site reporter
: hopelessly mangling his information. Because Mk V Cyborg badass or not,
: I'm gonna have a hard time relating to a hero named Master Chief.

I find it interesting that nobody's commented on the 'Mark V' bit yet. We have all these Marathon fanatics lurking around...

(I'd probably be okay with 'Master Chief', as long as the bobs don't start calling me 'MC'...)

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