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[edit] so its late and i'm bored. what do i do now? lurk around various forums and jump on every new post that comes along. i was inspired to write this crap by reading all the cool stuff some other guy said he was doing. i'm an art student at syracuse university, planning on going into one of the following: illustration, art video, film, CG/animation. i also do lots of music related stuff such as playing guitar, piano, harmonica, bass guitar, and drums. and i write electronic music on my nasty Mac G4 Titanium, using Propellerheads' Reason. if you're bored, go read what other people say about my music:

i've been a bungie dude since a little while before pathways came out, whenever that was. marathon made me a die-hard fan. tossing grenades at hapless bobs in The Rose never failed to amuse me in my youth. i post here at HBO very sporadically because i'm usually either not up on all the stuff you need to be up on to post intelligently, or i just plain don't have anything to say.

and if you ever need some music for a game or website or something, send me some email, i can probably hook you up.

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