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Re: Thx Heaps man!
Posted By: pete_the_duckDate: 5/28/08 7:37 a.m.

In Response To: Thx Heaps man! (tombodemon)

: btw, where abouts in the ark do you have to be before you can reach the
: shipmasters deck?
: because i was testing it in the first section with the pelicans, and it
: seemed very small in the scheme of the level, nor could i find the ship,
: then again im bad at the navigating part and it may have been in that section
: of the level

Right at the beginning of the level.

After activating pan-cam, make a campaign film of you suiciding off the cliff after you get out of the pelican on The Ark. Then, watching that film using pan-cam, try to reach the coordinates (first 3 numbers displayed on the screen. Remember to get the 4th number at 0--this makes the camera face "forward" and the axis respond correctly).

If you watched the cutscene, you'll find a few points of interest:
Looking down on the Ark: 230, 1, -250
The clouds the Pelican descends through: -2900 -870 560
The shipmaster's deck: 6, 3, 1

The only issue is that these areas seem to overlap, so while you may be trying to reach one in particular, you'll probably end up in a different one. Which means you'll have to increase the camera speed to try to glitch back out of that area. Keep trying though.

I just tried it again and it seems the easiest method to reach the shipmaster's deck is to first go to the coordinates -4000, 1, 1 and then move towards 1, 1, 1. Doing this, I reached it easily.

Good luck :)

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