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School Physics Project in Halo 3
Posted By: DeltaDate: 4/16/08 9:55 p.m.

Hi there,

As some of you may remember (Ah who am I kidding, nobody remembers. :P) I made a video using SilverBrin's Lost Spartan, and posted it online. Unfortunately, the video met multiple problems as I progressed with it, and the final product had to discard the entire original video. It got good ratings from my friends, but was my poorest video ever in terms of story, quality, and just in general. Then, when I wanted to go back to it, life got in the way. Teams, clubs, friends, schoolwork, etc. Result? I haven't made a Halo film since then. Until today.

I've taken a long look at what I needed to fix, and fixed them. Basically, I have a physics project due in two weeks, instead of just making a poster, I decided to go full out. Started at 6 today, and finished at 10, roughly 4 hours. The premise is that the characters are in a typical action movie plot, but this time, physics is ultimately very realistic (Thank you Bungie!) So, they start dispelling movie physics inaccuracies as they go deeper into their plot. It sounds nerdier than it is. This is just a trailer, and I plan on uploading the entire thing when it's done.

I've improved the video quality from my last video, and hopefully, the forum members of HBO could tell me what's good and what's bad, so I can improve my video making. Thanks.

New Video:

Old Lost Spartan Video For Reference:

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School Physics Project in Halo 3Delta 4/16/08 9:55 p.m.
     Re: School Physics Project in Halo 3Leviathan 4/18/08 12:31 a.m.

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