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Re: The Earth and Ark portals
Posted By: elpolloguapoDate: 4/3/08 9:11 a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Earth and Ark portals (nomis78)

: good ideas there

: my thoughts were that the halo moved itself into position using some sort of
: manoeuvring mechanism (dont ask me how but it raised from the ark itself
: so why not)

my thoery is that the last pasrt of the halo's construction is the addition of something to do raise it from the ark, be it JATO units on a massive scale, powerful electromagnets, whatever.
Then it uses this propulsion to raise itself to another portal, which I would assume is directly above the foundry, which is controlled by the constructs at the ark-either AI(s) of some kind monitoring the ark's systems, which some terminals would indicate are there (I'm thinking the 'conversation' on the terminbal with 'errant: 343' has with a construct at the ark with 'your intrusion has been logged') or just sentinels (we do know they have some intelligence, they managed for a while on 05 without a monitor and built that wall).
My suspicion is that there is either a separate location for the 'entrance' portal (from earth) and the 'exit' portal generated by the ark. This portal would only open as the new halo reached it, and stay open only long enough to allow the halo through.

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