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Re: Infiltration [Teaser Trailer]
Posted By: Psychophan7 <>Date: 3/23/08 10:13 p.m.

In Response To: Infiltration [Teaser Trailer] (QuickTactical)

: Like it says, this is just a teaser trailer to announce Epic Films' next
: project, but some of the plot is revealed in the video description.
: Production is in progress. :D


Good camera work, but the overall piece leaves something to be desired. The opening dialogue was interesting, as well, but it seemed to be cut short. Also, with the dialogue being contained to a blank screen, it's hard to discern what's going on in the actual footage without context. Assuming the peachy-orange guys are the rebels told by the video description, if the voice-over was saying "out gunned and out numbered" as they marched across the screen, it'd be able to set the tone better. The marines, which I assume are clad in the steel/[colour] ODST armour, should be better trained. Yes, bullets look cool flying around haphazardly, and it is possible that a sniper/lookout can be caught off guard; Once those first rounds are fired, the guy for the mounted turret should have gotten right onto the emplacement ready for the oncoming threat.

More on the pretty but ultimately useless flying bullets: Custom game settings are awesome. If you need people to take rounds without injuries, you can tone the damage modifiers down to miniscule levels. Not only can you have bullets hitting in the general area of the target, but such elements like a turret being pointed at a cieling (presumably shooting enemies of the 'directly in front' variety) can be avoided for better scene composition.

I honestly think this teaser trailer was done in five minutes with a single take. The director told some people to get into the proper permutations and colour schemes and told them, "Just shoot at each other without killing each other." The party seems to have been composed of 8-10 people, as well. The term 'teaser' is also a bit of a mislead; It doesn't tease the viewer with any apparent plot device. It's more akin to a concept trailer because instead of showing you there's more than just fighting going on, it's showing you that there will be fighting going on.

In summation: Largely unimpressive. The projected release of Summer 2008 seems feasible with this level of quality and work. The only positive thing I have to say is that the opening voice work was good; It didn't convey that there was a sense of urgency (and a lack of background noise suggests that despite not being able to "hold them off" that they found reprieve from the fighting and had an hour or two to collect themselves. Maybe that's why the turret guy was rather lax?

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