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Halo Everything at San Diego Comic Con 2007 - LONG
Posted By: Tex <>Date: 7/30/07 6:14 p.m.

This past weekend was the San Diego Comic Con and it was probably the most fun I’ve had all summer. Almost everywhere I went I wished I had brought a video camera instead of just my still-capture one.

The first day, Thursday the 26th, was pretty hectic. It felt like a Saturday at the con with the pre-registered badge pick up line going out the doors and around the back of the center, out to the boats/marina. It was a smoldering 94 degrees outside, and I was thankful I was NOT in costume that day.

After about an hour wait we (my group and I) finally got our badges and headed out to wreck havoc in the Exhibit hall. I met up with a bunch of my Red vs Blue buddies (Laird, Abyss) and met some new ones as well, which is always a treat. After making obligatory stops at the Penny Arcade and Roosterteeth booths, we made our way around to get a glimpse at the Halo Clix Scarab, which was the most beautiful, plastic, purple spider I have ever set eyes on. Held inside a plastic case, surrounded by various Clix figurines it was about as tall as my torso (granted, I’m 5’3”) and shined in the convention lights. After making sure there were no ‘DO NOT TAKE PICTURES’ signs around, I snapped away on my crummy Hello Kitty camera, managing at least one decent shot.
After the Scarab we headed over to another display booth where they were holding up some scaled replicas of the Carbine and Battle Rifle (which could have easily been snatched away as they were only held together with plastic ties…). More crummy pictures were taken.

I also got a picture of me with the Mach 5.

Day two, Friday the 27th, was definitely one of the bigger days. As most of IRC knows I had been working on a cardboard MJLONIR armor suit (Tex edition) specifically for the con. I had my doubts about it as I neared Friday morning with mobility and visibility through the visor (I had not heard back from tasty bread, the original cardboard Spartan, whom I had tried to contact about the helmet), but once I got down town and walked the streets to the center, getting random “YEAH, MASTER CHIEFS!” my spirits picked up. The armor itself was all cardboard (duh) held together with hot glue, some shin guards, and the world’s most intoxicating spray paints. The visor was made out of an Operating Room mask/shield spray painted with colored glass paint. Although it was still see through, I could barely make out any distinct figures as I walked around, anything past a foot in front of me was a giant blur (so I had my 10 year old, Halo playing sister be my guide), but at least I didn’t step on any of the kids I took pictures with. I met up with Cortana (MsValentine from Red vs Blue) whom you all have seen and fawned over on the front page (don’t get me wrong, I did too <3). We had a buttload of pics taken together in the lobby, which I’m surprised we kept up the patience for. Although I think the time my head spent inside the helmet killed the majority of my brain cells (can you say sniffing paint, anyone?). I hung out with her for a bit of the day prior to the Halo panel, then met up with Laird and everyone before we hauled ass up to the Halo Universe panel.

This room filled before the prior panel was even over! We were fortunate enough to get seats that were front and center, and together as a group. I asked some kid I saw with a light up LED helmet for a picture with him (I’m going to assume it’s the same guy from who gave me his card, “thePROPmaker”) and before I knew it, MsValentine was back up beside me and the photo shoot began. We kept giggling and laughing through the whole thing, having an absolute blast. Then we finally got to sit down and the panel started up. As you all know the guest list was posted on, so I don’t have to mention anyone’s name a million times (other than Nylund, of course). The slideshows were presentations of Halo Clix and Uprising (which my same sister took pictures of, so thank her a lot), touching upon the basics of the collection of Halo figurines. The Uprising show showed us text-less portions of the story, along with a colored shot of the Dreadnaught (awesome!).
(link limit maxed?)

After all the power point presentations, we got to the fun stuff: The Q&A. I’m sure someone’s got a video tape of this session online by now. I was thinking of getting up and asking a question about how much of the community response/discussion they take into consideration when they’re doing what they do best, but by the time I coughed up the cojones to get up and ask, they had cut the line for the Q&A. What impressed me was the amount of tolerance the audience had for the little kids that went up and asked the obvious questions (like the sword, or what the MC’s job is) and how well the panelists replied to them without putting them down like some of the posts we get the joy of seeing daily on any Halo speculation. Although what did kill me was the last question asked, by some woman pleading for them to put Halo 3 on the Xbox…one guy got up and asked a question to Nylund, regarding the 13 petals on the contraption in Ghost of Onyx with the Dyson Sphere, and how if it is in any way similar/identical to the same one we saw in the H3 Announcement Trailer. Not only was I floored by the amount of evidence/back up he presented with his question (which is more than what I just gave you guys), but nothing was more satisfying than hearing Nylund say he can’t answer that because there were probably MS snipers tagging him in his very seat (paraphrased, but the reference to MS snipers was real). The same kid made a Carbine and I got to take a picture with it (he also bought a red SPARTAN helmet on e-bay that I tried on).

Shortly after I invited him to lunch with our group and we were out the door to get our copies of Ghosts of Onyx signed. I nearly shat myself when WizKids brought out some guy in an MC suit (beautiful, minus the fact the back part of the calves were non-existent and he had a belly). I thanked Nylund for signing my book and told him how much I cried when Kurt died. He told me he got all choked up writing that part and wrote ‘Spartans NEVER die!” on my copy. My heart melted. So with a new member in our party we walked out and headed to lunch. While walking down the street in costume I got a passer-by to tell his friend “Now THAT is one Chief I’d like to teabag,” I lol’d for a bit. Creepy but funny. I ended the day by having all my RvB buddies guide me over the Roosterteeth booth, where I de-cloaked myself so I could give a present (seven cookies) to Kathleen, aka Tex. She seemed awfully excited to see someone dressed up and compliment my outfit, as well as the cookies, Gus captured my flag and I got to take a couple pics with Kathleen, she is such a sweetheart. Her son must get the ‘your mom is SO cool’ line all the time.

As the day winded down, we started to get up the idea to go see the Simpsons movie, but unfortunately I couldn’t go…So I went home and prepped for the next day.

Day Three, Saturday the 28th, was a calm, clean day for my brain. No fumes inside the helmet, no inhaling paint chips. But on the outside I was decked out head to toe in Lara Croft gear (movie one): Pistols, belt, braid and all. But this was *the* day for Halo everything.

I wandered around the con for the majority of my morning and afternoon, having photo after photo taken, but also taking photos of the crap-loads of Halo figurines (mostly prototypes, but the hot kind), even the ones I wasn’t supposed to get a picture of. At 3:00 I stopped the presses and made damn sure to be in line for the 3:15 signing from Joe Staten and Eric Nylund. The line had to be moved to prevent traffic problems, and once we were moved to the other side of the booth (which seemed to be just fine for everyone) I overheard (well, not really overheard, seeing as the conversation was going on at top volume) a girl behind me who wasn’t very pleased with the fact the line had moved and mentioned her great distaste for some people from HBO. I love this community, and my inner high-schooler kicked in once she started dropping names, desperate to make it my business. I jumped in on the convo to HBO’s defense (I love all of you, even the oldies like Wu ;), asking if anyone else was a frequent to the forums/irc. A few people replied (like Laird and relativiox) and she promptly asked me who I was. So with a smile I replied “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!”. Just kidding. I went: “I’m Tex,” and got the “Oh…OH, you..” response. Her face melted and attitude promptly changed once I told her that no matter what happens, it’s just the internet.

Back to what matters. I got up to the table for my dust cover signing of Contact Harvest, thanking Nylund again for signing my Ghosts of Onyx book. Before he did anything I handed them seven cookies in a bag (one of which Nylund popped right into his mouth without a second thought) and gave me a thumbs up. I asked Staten if he wanted to talk to KP, and he stopped what he was doing and looked up at me.

“…is this the same KP I’m thinking of?”
“Yes sir, Kevin Paul.”
“And pink.”
“Could very well destroy me?”
“and hangs out with The Don Wan.”
“*Laughs* no, I don’t want to talk to KP,” jokingly.

So he signed my cover and a few other goods and I was the happiest girl in the convention hall that afternoon. Red Spartan (the guy with the helmet from earlier) got him to sign his helmet and gave him the carbine he had made as a sign of his devotion. I was shocked he gave it away, personally, because anything I draw/create I get sick just thinking about parting with. After we said our farewells and thanks to the dynamic duo, we made our way around the WizKids booth, taking more pictures with the beer belly Master Chief.

After that we hustled our way over to the display case (hidden in the book aisle) and feasted upon the sight of the laser tag Plasma Pistol and Rifle, huge and shiny in all its glory. They mentioned there being a sword in 2008 (but how the hell is that going to work with laser tag?!).

Day 4, Sunday the 29th, was Angel of Darkness day for me, but pain day for the wallet. I met more RvB people, some of whom were very generous and pitched in to help me buy the “Prisoner” piece of artwork (sales tax will get you every time).

I played HaloClix against my friend, Ryan. Who was dead set about batting for the Covenant, but I stayed true and proudly adjusted my UNSCDF badge and lined up with a marine, an ODST troop and a SPARTAN. It took a few minutes to get used to the new game, but after a while (and without killing any of my troops) I successfully destroyed my friend’s Covenant army, making me more anxious than ever to get this game for my home collection. The details on these small little pieces is amazing, I would zone out and look at the pieces instead of watching what moves my friend made. But like I said, I won. After the game I tried desperately to get a Scarab, but the $250 price tag was more than what I was willing to spend (there were a bunch left over, guys, so keep your eyes out for them to pop up online).

Unfortunately, Laird had to leave early so we said our good-byes and wandered to the Roosterteeth booth, where I purchased the Trocadero CD (FINALLY!) and met up with everyone who would be coming home with me for some burgers and LAN-ing. We were walking out of the con and Red Spartan put on his helmet and got my attention, promptly dragging two fingers across the bottom part of his visor. My inner (and very obvious) fan-girl reaction was a giant squeal, as it was probably the best Halo related thing I had seen all weekend. He actually asked Nylund how the hand signal for that went, and Nylund explained it: Separate your index and middle finger like a peace sign, and drag your fingers parallel to your jaw, across your face…Like a disco/john Travolta dance move, but over the mouth and no polyester suit needed. He gave it a shot, and Nylund said “Not so arched”. So make sure it’s a straight line when you’re trying to smile at someone behind a mask. It may save your life. We took Red Spartan back to the laser gun display where the booth manager gave him and my buddy free copies of Ghosts of Onyx, which I paid for the day it came out (jealous), but at least I got my copy signed.

Once we got back to my place, we set up three extra TVs and corresponding 360s for some massive team games. Over dinner we spent the majority of the time discussing the ifs/ands/whats of Halo 3, reminiscing over the Beta and triumphant moments in Halo 2 and favorite parts of Halo 1. We winded down with some Iron Chef and Co-Op, Legendary, Gravemind: Tough as nails.

This year at Comic-Con was one of the bests I’ve had, I had the opportunity to meet plenty of new people, as well as have a whole handful of Halo related goodies to occupy myself with. I was very sad to see everyone leave, as well as come to the realization that this year’s summer festivities were over. But at least we have next year to look forward to.

“Psh, whatever bitch! Spartans never die.”

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