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Halo: Altogether Speculation. Kinda long.
Posted By: RoflSalad <>Date: 7/16/07 7:29 a.m.

Okay. Now, As I've read in many theories, because the galaxy is approximately 130,000 lightyears apart, the 25,000 lightyear radius of the Halos doesn't really add up, because there are spots, no matter what, that it seems to miss. Even if there was a Halo positsioned in the center of the galaxy (which there might not be), There would still be spaces on the fringe of the galaxy, as well as a few small holes.

If you're wondering why I know there might not be a Halo within the center, this dates back to some old artwork, that was going to be shown in a cutscene of Halo 2. (A mural, I can't quite recall the name at the moment. If you have the H2 Collector's disc, it's on one of the videos, I think the one about the stuff that got cut. It's been a while since I watched, sorry for the non-specifics.)

If I can find a link to this image, I will gladly post it to try and help. (I originally thought of it because of a theory over on Halo Story page, I think it was done by Heretic, if that helps.)

In any case, it shows that there is one Halo slightly off-center from the middle of the galaxy. But the other 6 Halos are spread out in a hexagonal pattern, just as the "Hub and Spokes theory "described by Bronzite states.

Before continuing, know this- My theory embodies the spokes part of Bronzite's theory, but includes the oddly placed Halo according to the Forerunner mural.

Now, after reading Ghosts of Onyx, this adds a little more speculation to the mural part of my theory. The forerunner planet is designed to be a safeplace for Halos. It is also JUST outside of human territory. This made me wonder- There would indeed be another reason to place a Halo out of position from the center. To make sure that ALL sentient life in a particular segment of the galaxy was gone. Now, if you stop and think about this, If you were having a small group of people surviving Halo, wouldn't it make sense to make sure wherever they were arriving makes sense? This also fits in nicely with the idea that Humans are a sort of subspecies of Forerunners (Which, I'm assuming Reclaimers were still technically forerunners). It was stated by a sentinel in GoO that the humans were an 'Aboriginal Subspecies'. When the area was in control of the Forerunners, extra protection makes sense .So Forerunner empire's center is the now-human empire center; the 'subspecies' never left the place.

Now, I'm not sure if my memory is failing me or whatnot, But the distance from Installation 04 (Alpha Halo) to Installation 05 (Delta Halo) is around 45,000 lightyears (Following the Hub&Spokes-theory). However, deeming that Regret made a short jump to Delta Halo, it is possible that either one of the Halos could in fact be the one, awkwardly placed ring. This is pointed out by the fact that the one oddly placed ring is definitely not the standardly placed distance of 45,000 lightyears, and could possibly be around 15,000-20,000. This also means that Earth could possibly be in the radius of not two, but three Halos. Which, given all of the forerunner architecture we've seen from it, (thanks to H3), makes perfect sense, to a point. If the people who were in Onyx were supposed to head for Earth after leaving, then all the extra precaution in the section of the galaxy makes sense.

Given that the P.O.A. jumped from Reach when they arrived at Installation 04, It's more than likely that Reach is closer to 04 than Earth is, or it would have been 'found' earlier. (The ONI already knew about Alpha Halo, they just disregarded it). Reach is also one of the 'Inner Colonies', so it's probably within 5,000 lightyears or so of earth, give or take. Believeing that the human empire has a 10,000 lightyear radius means that the edge of UNSC space would fall just outside the range of Installation 04. So if the jump to Installation 04 was approximately 15,000 lightyears or so from Reach, that would cover a good section of the human/forerunner empire. Example, the far end of the empire is around 30,000 lightyears away from Alpha Halo; around 20,000 from Earth. So if 04 is one of the Halos adjacent to the oddly-placed one, then the other Halo 45,000 lightyears away would just barely cover Earth in its radius. The third Halo, more than likely being Delta Halo, would reach the rest of the territory. This would include Reach, Earth, and Onyx.

However, wether all of that is actually right or wrong, there's still the gigantic gaping hole left by the mural model in the center of the galaxy. So, there's a couple of other things to consider-
1. The installations may or may not have the same firing range; We know Alpha Halo's maximum is 25,000 lightyears by itself.

{Guilty Spark} "More or less. Technically, this installation only has a maximum effective radius of 25,000 lightyears. But once the others follow suit..."

2. The pulse of Halo itself might not just harmlessly pass through another Halo's pulse. It could react, either amplifying it, or bouncing off of it, either one covering more area.

Either way, each of them present ways to get around the center of the galaxy. And with that, I think I'm done. Please, if you can help find the images I need, or if you have corrections, please notify me. Also, since I've never really rambled on and on like this before, ask if there's soemthing someone doesn't understand. I know, I'm confusing. :P

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