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My opinion about all of this...
Posted By: 7he grunt w/a plasma pistol <>Date: 11/5/06 9:08 p.m.

In Response To: OK I Have all the Info YOU Need... (Velez)

: Needler: IT IS NO LONGER DUAL-WIELDABLE!!! Not much is explained but they
: do say that it is going to be made more powerful, balanced, and
: "usable".

Sweet! I want my Needler from Halo1 back. That thing was worth picking up.

: The Brute Ghost: The only details on the Brute Ghost were seen in the
: 20-second Single-Player Video (more on that later). It is summarized in
: the magazine as a "bulkier version of the classic hover bike"
: shown in the vid with a Brute climbing into it.

Please let this be just a odd camera angle on the normal Ghost, the Brute Plasma Rifle, while powerful, was lame.

: Single Player: The guys at EGM got a 20-second video of the MC
: "tearing" around a huge industrial compound with gunfire coming
: from all types of Covenant crafts including a hulking wraith and
: "what looks to be a new Brute Ghost". There were "ships
: flying overhead, lasers everywhere, multiple enemies all around etc".
: Again, EGM rejects us much info on the stuff that no one else has...(More
: details to be revealed on Nov. 20 on the Mini-Site)

Sounds cool, since when is a Wraith not hulking(bulky)?

: SAVED FILMS: One of the things I am most excited about is being able to
: record gameplay onto your hardrive or memory card. The best way to
: describe this is as an example: Late one night you go into matchmaking and
: have the best game of your life. You rack up 95% of your teams kills and
: attain little deaths. You were playing like a GOD. The problem is, none of
: yours friends were with you. Don't fear, as long as you chose to save the
: temporarily stored video of the match, you can share your glory! Start up
: a party and get all of your friends in it, then bring up your saved video
: and launch it! The video will automatically come up on everyone's screen
: and the host will be able to control play, pause, slow, rewind, etc. while
: everyone else can choose how they want to see it, be it First Person,
: Third Person, or from a "fly-it-yourself bird's eye view". All I
: can say about this is, WOW.


: Game Settings: No longer are certain things such as speed reserved for either
: one person. That's right you can give all special traits to everyone!!!
: And for even more fun, you can even give them to the leading/losing teams
: in a match! But along with the old traits come a line of new ones. My
: favorite is being able to make characters more visible, BY SETTING THEM ON
: FIRE!!! You can even turn down gravity to allow people to jump twice as
: high, and prevent certain people from picking up weapons. That was all
: that was specofied in the mag but they say there is more...

Seems cheesey to me.

: Voting: Have you ever been in a party and the host is putting a gametype that
: no-one wants to play? Well vote against it! This can allow people to
: override the host's power. Whatever happened to the good ol' x button?

: Advertising Customs: Now you can put your custom gametype or even your custom
: game lobby out there for everyone to see! This was Bungie's answer to
: custom matchmaking...

: Ranks: Now you will have an actual "military" rank in Halo 3. This
: will be seperate from your matchmaking ranks and will include your overall
: stats, ranked, unranked, and even customs.

Voting, Advertising Customs, and Ranks don't apply because I don't have Live.

: The X Button: Still a mystery...

I say leave it the same as it was in Halo1 and 2.

: Ok Now More Info on the Older New Stuff: The Brute Spiker: I doesn't launch
: orange needle. It launches two foot superheated metal spike which resmble
: orange needles.

Sounds like an anti-personal rocket launcher to me.

: The Spike Grenade: This thing latches onto ANYTHING. Covered with spikes, it
: will kill a Spartan if it you hit one on the head with it, but will stay
: embedded into it until it explodes: The explosions send out a conical
: volley of spikes, conical being so that if you are in a certain blind spot
: near the grenade, you won't be damaged.

Ditch the Spike Grenade and bring in some proximity mines.

: Spartan Laser: Can penetrate through multiple targets...

Seems to be worth trying out at least once.

: Grenades in General: You can now only carry two of each...thats wack...


: Man-Cannons: Yes you can drive anything into these "cannons" but
: heavier things, such as the Warthog, won't go nearly as far...

Vents that blast Warthogs, interesting...

: Valhalla: I personally don't think it is another Coag or BG, it IS a large
: map but it is balanced so snipers and heavy rockets don't rule it...

: Snowbound: There is a lot more to this map than there looks. The bases seem
: to be pretty large undergound and there are also linking tunnels and
: pathways. Energy shields (more on that lower down) protect many entrances
: and if you get too far out into the barren winter tundra, sentry turrets
: will shoot you down...

: HighGround: My favorite map, the battle revolves aroung the main base with
: openable/closeable front gates. There are numerous entrances and hiding
: place inside the structure such as a blown out bunker or a small
: "crouch" pipe.

Seems interesting.

: Energy Shields: This IS old new stuff, just less known I guess. Anyways these
: energy barriers won't let some grenades through the mag doesn't explain
: but apparently spike grenades stick to them. I'm not going to go to into
: these things because most of the info is already out there...

I'm thinking make the energy shields/walls not let anything go through, and have them always on, and be turned off for 30 seconds.

Gravemind is Forerunner

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