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Re: The 300, Thermopylae, and Halo
Posted By: JR <>Date: 10/7/06 10:42 a.m.

In Response To: The 300, Thermopylae, and Halo (Brodingo)

: I know this connection has been made before, that the warriors involved in
: the Battle of Thermopylae were Spartans, but something struck me today.

: I've been studying Ancient Greek history lately and things I didn't notice
: before, like certain names of places or people stick out a bit more. I've
: been watching the trailer for 300 mostly because I'm so excited about
: the movie itself (Frank Miller W00T). It's about the Battle of
: Thermopylae. If you are unfamiliar with what occured during the battle and
: why there is a movie being made about it (or why the heck it's called 300
: for that matter), basically the Persian army vastly outnumbered the 300
: Spartans and other Greek allies. In fact, the Persians(and their allies)
: had exponentially more units than the Spartans, but never the less they
: fought against the odds. The leader of the Spartan squad in the battle of
: Thermopylae was King Leonidas, a veritable demi-god as he was thought to
: be a descendant of Herakles. The high-ranking Persian infantry eventually
: began advancing and outflanked them, but the Spartans and Thespians stayed
: to fight the onslaught in a sacrificial move to allow the other allied
: Greek armies to retreat and survive. Leonidas and his men KNEW what they
: are doing and that their actions meant certain death, and supposedly, as
: foretold by the Oracle at Delphi, the shedding of the king's blood would
: save Greece. And so it happened, they stood behind and fell victim to the
: arrows of the Persian archers and their allies escaped to safety.

: Now, Halo. As I mentioned before Greek names began to stick out at me and one
: place I noticed Thermopylae was on the track listing for Volume 2 of the
: Halo 2 Sountrack. The Finale suite has a track by the name of
: "Thermopylae Soon". I'm guessing this is a direct correlation to
: a part of the Halo storyline, which drawing from "soon" has not
: actually occurred yet, and I can't really fathom connecting any of the
: events near the end of Halo 2 to the events of the Battle of Thermopylae.
: So maybe you see where I'm taking this; I believe there is a strong
: possibility that there is a correlation with King Leonidas and the Master
: Chief. Yes, it is a theory of mine that Master Chief will die or at least
: suffer a terrible fate at the end of Halo 3 in an all out
: back-against-the-wall-with-a-super-weapon-pointed-in-your-face kind of
: battle to save humanity from certain doom. Could our favorite super
: soldiers find their way back together to fight side-by-side as they were
: meant and be led by the mighty Master Chief in a sacrificial campaign for
: human kind? I guess we'll have to wait and find out. Personally I hope so,
: I can't really think of a better way to end a story arc ;)

: -Brodingo

Now if you recall, in the Fall of Reach novel, the young Spartans are taught of historic battles. One of them is Thermopylae... I can't find the exact page, but if I recall... they told the Spartans that the Greeks had WON all those years ago. So a historical battle in which a small group of Spartans save a country against superior numbers and odds through courage and sacrfice? Sounds like a possible Halo 3 plot...
Oh, and it was said before that the Spartan king was believed to be a descendant of Heracules? Guess what city John 117 is from? Elysium City. Elysium was the greek heaven where only the bravest heroes could go. see a connection?

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