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Re: Aramaic/Hebrew Elite names?
Posted By: A passer-byDate: 8/19/06 9:47 p.m.

In Response To: Aramaic/Hebrew Elite names? (UrsusArctos)

: i just caught on to something about Rtas 'Vadumee, aka Half-Jaw. Spelled in
: hebrew, the characters for 'VDM become AVDM- AVD would be the spelling of
: 'Avada' or "I destroy", which also appears in Harry Potter as a
: killing curse(Avada Kedavra-"I destroy as I speak").

: All the elites have their surnames beginning with a glottal stop(') and
: ending with 'ee'. That little glottal stop has considerable religious
: significance.


You may be on to something here, in a conversation with a friend I learned that hebrew writings read from right to left across a page.
when the Sangheili speak (in Halo), they speak in english, but backwards. If the language was written down, we would have to read it from right to left in order to understand it...
My apologies for replying to an out of date thread.

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