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Re: Update- *long* - *HGN SPOILERS*
Posted By: Bry <>Date: 7/23/06 5:40 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Update- *long* - *HGN SPOILERS* (NOMAD)

: You have a point Bry, all the spartan one and 2's were in the navy. Yet I
: bring to your attention the segment in the second halo novel, the flood.
: when MC finds Marvin Mobuto body during the Library lvl of halo: CE. The
: text say's that marvin was a leatherneck ( the exact page is 245 in that
: book).

Well now hang on, that's jumping to the conclusion that only Spartans can be Reclaimers. Which we know isn't the case since Miranda Keyes is also described as a Reclaimer.
A leatherneck is simply another word for a marine (specifically, Leatherneck only refers to a soldier in the USMC. British Royal Marines aren't ever termed
as leathernecks, but we'll overlook that little detail)

Theres nothing to indicate Marvin Mobuto had anything to do with the Spartans. He may not have gotten as far as he did because of augmentations or better training like potentially being a Spartan 1, he might have just been a damn good soldier. A hardcore son of a bitch as John says. One of the morals the novels, especially the Flood, is to imply that normal Marines, just plain humans, can still be damn tough. And I like that idea. That you don't have to be a Spartan to be a excellent solider.

While I still think its unlikely Johnson was ever a Spartan, he might have trialed for the Spartan 1 program and flunked.
That is, if he's even old enough. Given his rank, Johnson is probably younger than the Chief. (He was only promoted to Sergeant Major right before Halo 2. A good solider can expect that rank between 30-35)

: yet, this also brings why halsey planteed the seed (save everryone not just a
: few) in john-117 in frist strike. In opens the possiblity that ,despite
: johnson condition, the spartan one could hold the key to a defence against
: the flood, ( resulting in ONI "examining" the other one's to
: find a cure

The problem I read with that is it changes what she was trying to teach him.
Her message wasn't to "save everyone, not just a few". It was to save every single person possible no matter what the cost. In the case of Johnson it was saving one man even though it might reduce the chances of fighting the Flood and in turn might cost countless lives.
That you should try to save every single individual man. That a single person can make a real difference.
If you then change that to all the Spartan 1's might have the key, it belittles the signifigance of John's decision to save that one life, by implying he is actually saving perhaps a dozen or more.

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