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Re: Gnostic Christianity in Halo *long*
Posted By: dipanjan <>Date: 4/14/06 6:38 a.m.

In Response To: Gnostic Christianity in Halo *long* (UrsusArctos)

yeah, i know what u mean. ever heard of the gospel of judas?...
that m.c. is different is obvious as it takes more than just some sci-fi suit to battle out the covenent m.c. style. but your comparison seem a little far off.
if m.c. has indeed the 'spark' or rather ability to see beyond mortal thoughts he should be equally concerened about preservation of covenants and humans. he seems more like a slam blam action guy who only intends to complete the objective without any emotion. the fact that the arbiter readily discards the hierarchs preachings to take side with the 'demon' to save lives as a whole shows great will power and flexibility of thought- the extra 'spark'. may be the stage for m.c.'s enlightment is yet to come, when may be he will look beyond the net of blasphemy woven by the hierarchs and realize the truth of the forerunners to save the galaxy as a whole.
regarding the point of women it seems more of advancement of civillized thought than portrayal of religion. but of course gnostic theories are advanced thoughts shunned by power hungry individuals.
i did put up a post on info on she-covenants earlier. none could offer much though but i really wanted see greater women involvement in covenant ranks whose failing indicates covenants are primitive in thoughts and of course all their tech is stolen from the forerunners. may be that's why they are pissed off with us-'gren eyed jealousy'.
good point though.

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