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Re: Great Journey at Earth?
Posted By: Ma1agateDate: 3/7/06 10:37 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Great Journey at Earth? (Narcogen)

: If what I think is true about the Ark and the installations, the Flood MUST
: not reach Earth-- or else that does put the Chief in the situation of
: having to activate the system before they get there.

There's always the Alien 3 option: A single infection form stowed away on the Forerunner ship with the MC... ;)

: That would have created some nice contrasts-- the Arbiter fighting on Earth
: with the MC off elsewhere. A nice idea. If Bungie were another company,
: that'd be an expansion pack, I suppose :)

I'm just trying to figure out how the MC will be able to convince the human navy and the "good" Covenant races not to attack each other and to turn on the Prophets, Brutes, Drones and Jackals. I wonder if word will have spread that far, that the Covenant attacking Earth will have heard of the split.

Actually, with so many of the MAC platforms destroyed by Truth's small advance party, the Humans are already on the ropes, defense-wise. I can't imagine that word won't reach the right factions in time. Otherwise the Covenant really will just lay waste to the parts of the planet they aren't concerned with. Either infighting will slow them down, or they won't exactly know where on Earth the Ark facility/facilities is/are located and will have to search. Either way, something will have to slow them down from just thrashing Earth.

I'm willing to bet that New Mombasa is just one location that the Covenant needed to access in order to warm up the Halo system. I bet there are other places that need visiting before the system is actually fired. I would think that if you're going to do something as drastic as wiping all significant life from the galaxy, you'd at least have some kind of two-key system so that one lone maniac (case in point, Truth) can't just hit the big red button and end it all.

: Wasn't there some discussion that blast radii overlapped, though?

I've heard some of those theories, but never fully subscribed to them. Any need for overlap means to me a finite coverage, which means a safe place to hide isn't completely out of the question, but I suppose making all the ranges of all the installations overlap would be the safest thing.

: Is Gravemind aware of the failsafe system? Has it ever been used? One can
: assume he saw the signal from HC, but how would he know what it meant?

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gravemind knows more about the Halo system than we think at the moment. After all, he has absorbed Regret and countless other Covenant soldiers. He must know a thing or two about the weapon that forced a stalemate between the Flood and all life for so many millenia.

: If no one ever prevented, or tried to prevent, an installation from firing
: before, why would GM be aware of the failsafe system and how it works?

I can't believe Regret didn't know. And since he's been absorbed, I believe it would be safe to assume the Gravemind now knows. Also, he does have Cortana in hand, doesn't he?

: You've clearly not been talking to Jillybean enough. Why isn't a Rampant
: Cortana part of your "darker resolution"? :-)

Oh, I've suspected she's been rampant since she first entered Halo 04's systems. I think she's just been hiding it rather well, or she just hasn't realized it yet. That was one of my theories about her longer hair. She's a military AI and she had the close-cropped hair before, and now that she knows what it's like to inhabit a vastly superior network (which I'm thinking started her rampancy), she's begun to take liberties with her appearance, echoing her inner turmoil. We even see a little sentimentality when she and the MC part ways at the end of Halo 2. No sir, I don't believe all is well within the state of Cortana.

I hope she gets all Blade Runner desperate at her short lifespan and makes an effort to jump ship somewhere, with or without the MC.


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