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Re: Great Journey at Earth?
Posted By: Narcogen <>Date: 3/6/06 8:18 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Great Journey at Earth? (Ma1agate)

: I completely agree on all counts. Some of the IRC regulars and I had come to
: a similar conclusion (though not exactly for the same reasons) a little
: while back. My money is on this theory for what will actually happen.

: What I would like to see, however, is a darker resolution to the whole
: saga.

: I wouldn't mind a little galactic devastation and catastrophy. We've never
: found out for sure whether the Halo system would kill the MC or not. We
: don't know if he has enough biomatter left to sustain the flood. If
: humanity were doomed and the MC were the last "living" remnant
: of human civilization, I could easily live with that. I think it would be
: interesting to see how Cortana and the MC, two beings driven by purposes
: greater than their own up until that point, would react.

Yes, this was my only other plausible alternative. That Halo 3 would be spent trying to ACTIVATE a Halo, instead of trying to stop it, after the Chief and Cortana conclude that there really is no other option.

: What can I say? I love the Marathon story.

Me, too. Somehow, though, I don't see this one coming true.

: As far as the Gravemind and Cortana are concerned, I really have no idea.
: That is more interesting to me than Truth's motives anyway. Now that the
: Gravemind is stranded on HC with no motile capability, I suppose the only
: reason to involve it in the story any further is to resolve the issue of
: Cortana's fate. I expect the motley crew to save her and somehow escape. I
: can't imagine the Flood making it to Earth in any event, and I don't see
: any reason why fighting on another Halo would really add much to the story
: besides scenery. Not to mention the outcry that would result if the MC
: were to return to HC in some capacity to rescue Cortana himself.

I also agree that we're unlikely to see another Halo, for various reasons. One, given the hue and outcry that everyone thought Halo 2 would be on Earth, and then only half of it was. Also, with the existence of the "Ark" revealed, which can remotely activate all the Halos, visiting any of the other installations would seem to be unnecessary.

If what I think is true about the Ark and the installations, the Flood MUST not reach Earth-- or else that does put the Chief in the situation of having to activate the system before they get there.

: IMHO, it would have been better for the MC to stay on HC and send the motley
: crew back to Earth to try and ease some of the tensions and rally some of
: the splinter factions of the Covenant to an alliance with humanity.

That would have created some nice contrasts-- the Arbiter fighting on Earth with the MC off elsewhere. A nice idea. If Bungie were another company, that'd be an expansion pack, I suppose :)

: I suppose the Gravemind might take steps to dismantle 05, being in such close
: proximity and knowing that there may be an activation of the entire system
: imminent. Ensuring the Destruction of 05 would at least make sure that the
: Flood survives in that section of the galaxy.

Wasn't there some discussion that blast radii overlapped, though?

Is Gravemind aware of the failsafe system? Has it ever been used? One can assume he saw the signal from HC, but how would he know what it meant?

If no one ever prevented, or tried to prevent, an installation from firing before, why would GM be aware of the failsafe system and how it works?

: I'd like to see Cortana pursue her own goals rather than sit around waiting
: for the MC or our motley crew to show up. I still think the Gravemind and
: Cortana would make a formidable team. I don't think she'd team up with the
: Gravemind for any reason other than the physical presence, though. I think
: she will end up being loyal to humanity or vying for her own freedom one
: way or the other.

You've clearly not been talking to Jillybean enough. Why isn't a Rampant Cortana part of your "darker resolution"? :-)

: Just my two cents.

: ~Ma1

There Is No Rampancy In Halo

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