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Re: Halo's holiness: not just for the Covenant?
Posted By: bentrider <>Date: 12/1/05 6:45 p.m.

In Response To: Halo's holiness: not just for the Covenant? (Peptuck)

: In a recent solid replay of all of Halo and Halo 2 nonstop, (excepting minor
: issues like "sleep" and "eating") I noticed a few
: things various characters have said regarding Halo, its design, its
: function, and the Forerunner.

: Allow me to throw out a few quotes here before I begin: CORTANA: Analyzing.
: Halo's control center is located there. That structure appears to be some
: sort of temple or shrine, if I've interpreted this correctly. (Pause)
: Interesting. A shrine is an unlikely place to put such a significant
: installation.

: This statement is in regards to the location of the control room during
: Silent Cartographer. Note the bolded part.

: CORTANA: Analyzing. This must be the control room. Subtle. The entrance to
: the control room is at the top of that pyramid structure. Bring me up
: there and I should be able to get us inside.

: Naturally, the location where the Control Room is located is inside a massive
: structure. The shrine mentoned above.

: 343 GUILTY SPARK: ...Unfortunately, my usefulness to this particular
: endeavor has come to an end. Protocol does not allow units with my
: classification to... perform a task as important as the reunification of
: the index with the core. That final step is reserved for you, Reclaimer.

: In this cutscene, note how Spark speaks at the bolded point. His voice
: changes, as if the very task he's suggesting is incredibly holy. It almost
: sounds like he reveres the task of activating Halo.

: Unfortunately, the transcripts on the Story Page regarding Halo 2 are not
: only inaccurate but incomplete, leaving out a lot of extra dialogue. :/
: Annoying, I can't copy/paste this next part, which is very important.

: CORTANA: You know, I think the Forerunner built these new structures around
: the old ones, to protect them, honor them. Pure theory for the most part,
: mind you. I'd need to make a thorough survey to be sure.

: (later)

: I wish I had time to decipher these inscriptions. The Forerunner revered this
: place, that much is clear. But was it a temple, or university? I can't
: say.

: There are other points to be made, but I think these quotes will suffice to
: support this notion I've come up with.

: To put it in simple terms: Halo's firing and containing the Flood is of a
: religious significance to the Forerunner.

: Halo contains temples and sacred sites that the Forerunner have built
: protection around. Its control systems are ensconced within massive
: shrines. tremendous amounts of ornamentation and enscriptions abound
: throughout the rings. Spark virtually reveres the firing of Halo's main
: weapon. The sacred iconography abounding across Halo. the utmost
: imperitive of containing the Flood parasite.

: Look at it this way: what if the Flood was an enemy of the Forerunner, but
: not just a secular enemy? What if the Forerunner viewed their war against
: the Flood as a holy war, one that had to be won at any cost? What if the
: Forerunner believed that they had to defeat the Flood forever?

: What if they willingly sacrificed their lives to hold the Flood at bay, while
: hiding specimens on the rings to be studied later on for a more permanent
: means to truely defeat the Flood?

: What if Halo, so filled with religious sites and sacred structures, covered
: with ancient runic scripts, with a firing mechanism revered by its
: caretaker with religious devotion, and hiding specimens of the
: Forerunner's hated and demonic enemy, the Flood, for ultimate study and
: true destruction, was a holy weapon utilized by the Forerunner to defeat
: the Flood?

: What if the Forerunner had a religious imperative to fight the Flood and
: contain them? What if the war between the Forerunner and the Flood was not
: just a war....but a crusade?

An interesting theory.... I just thought that they might have worshipped themselves in their greatness. Worshipping the golden ages of their past. kind of like the worship of ancestors. and notice the marked difference between the first and second installation. perhaps a different branch of the forerunner that was really into it's history, the first halo as far as we know lacks the beautiful ancient stone structures. then again the basic standard buildings are on both halos the control room and the library. so there was uniformity in there construction but also difference.

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