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History of the Ark/Forerunner/Covies/Man (long)
Posted By: mrbananas <>Date: 11/3/05 8:53 p.m.

And now, for mrbananas ultimate theory on Human=Forerunner and the Ark as well as the Origin of the Covenant. It has 4 parts, first is the theorized story/line of events of the activation of the halo and how the humans are really forerunner. Italicized things are usually on the spot pieces of evidence. Next is the Q&A for the Questions that I know would be bound to follow. After that comes counter-counter point where I put down the counters to some of the most common counter points to the human=forerunner theory. And lastly comes the Supporting Evidence to the main theory and the humans= forerunner theory. So buckle your seat belts, it starts off as a story.

The flood are everywhere, the sentinel armies have held them off long enough for the forerunner to build there last resort, Halo. Before the forerunner activate halo, they collect embryos of every species in the galaxy and put them on the ark. Two of every species, Noah’s ark, for the moment, I any going to say that our ark is a giant space ship (not truth’s ship) Since halo, targets and kills based on size, the embryos will survive because they are still just conceived (sperm and egg are both single cell) The forerunner activate the rings and the end of the flood begins.

After this point, everything is automated. The flood start to starve, and the preprogrammed sentinel armies sent out to destroy the flood. The flying sentinel factory goes to a planet, and produces sentinels, the reason why the forerunner couldn't defeat the flood was because they multiplied too fast, and spread too quick, but know that the flood have no more hosts, they can’t multiply any more and so the sentinel can defeat them in war. Once the flood have been wiped clean off of a planet and the sentinels give the okay, the ark flies to that planet and seeds it with the proper species. And so the ark makes this incredibly long journey to each and every planet.

To save time, instead of the ark landing on the planet, it launches a pod at the planet. This pod contains a breeding station, every embryo for that planet, and is fully mobile. Once it lands, the pod, moves to the nearest designated determined point on the planet. It sets up station, and begins to grow the embryos. the pod raises the first batch of embryos until the species can survive on its own, the pod then moves again to the next point on the planet and raise the organisms that belong there (a.k.a. desert life, then artic, then tropical, etc.) And the pod repeats this until every point on the planet is met and reseeding of the planet is finished. The pod then either destroys itself, or meets back up with the ark to get used for the next planet. And so this process is repeated for every planet. Any intelligent animals like elites and jackals, would have lost all there knowledge of prior technology because technology and knowledge have to be passed down by generation.

And so the ark visits every solar system that ever had life on it. Until a supposed error occurs. A data corruption leads to a pod and species misplacement and planet chart error. This results in the elites and prophets being but on the same pod, and set to the planet that the ark was supposed to land on and restart the forerunner race. Instead, the ark lands on earth and the breeding cycle for the forerunner begins.
Now here is where I need to explain a little, Technology and knowledge must be learned and pasted down from generation to generation. However, the activation of halo created a gap in the flow of knowledge, and the forerunner did not have enough time to learn everything the races knew so that they could teach it too them, only general survival, however, because each species lands on their own planet, there technology would be there waiting for them, they would just have to learn on there own what is was and how to use it.

However, due to this error, the elites and prophets were put on the planet the forerunner embryos were meant to go, there fore on this planet was vast forerunner technology and information that was supposed to educate the forerunners on there past. Instead, the prophets and elites grow up on this planet, and being extremely primitive, could not possibly figure out the forerunner technology to its full extent (like giving an toddler a computer and expecting it to figure it out) and so the prophets and elites, being more different from each other than blacks and whites, were destined to war each other and never see each other as equals. All until one day, by a stroke of luck the prophets figured out one of the records left behind that was a record of the halos, the ark, and what happened to the forerunner. But the prophets made many misinterpretations.
For Example: They confused {the journey of the Ark and how it was started by the destructive power of the halos and you are forerunner} with [the halos are the beginning to the path of the great journey, these gifts are blessings of the forerunner, etc..] And so the formation of the covenant and its religion are born. They figure out how to work the forerunner technology (but they don't understand the physics of it, which is why they never improve upon its design, they just copy it and call it forerunner magic.) and so on and so forth

But now we must go back to the ark and the forerunner. The ark lands on earth, a planet that had really been a forerunner wildlife preserve, so the forerunner never lived on earth, only studied animals on it so they never establish any buildings on earth or left and technology on it. So the final probe starts up for earth and its wildlife, with the forerunner embryos have accidentally being added to it. The ark meanwhile hides its self deep with the planet, far under the ocean to a place where only the technology of the forerunners could reach. And so the forerunner would emerge for the pods knowing nothing because the pods weren't programmed to educate them on everything. and with no forerunner technology on the planet other than the ark and the soon to self destruct pod, the forerunner race had to start from ground zero, and because they didn’t even know there names were forerunner, they ended up renaming themselves humans or the course of history. While the humans were still genetically identical to the minds of the galaxies smartest most advanced raced. They know nothing of there vast knowledge, but still had a brain capably of understanding and developing the technology they once made before.

However, during the forerunner breeding cycle in the pod, the pod was instructed to ingrain into the forerunners mind, a way to understand the information left on the planet the elites and prophets were now at and how to operate forerunner technology. This would explain how the master chief and other humans could sometimes operate something like the light bridge or covenant arsenal without really knowing how to though process wise. The Ark, lying dormant beneath the earths surface, would still have a transmission linking it to all of the halos (or at least the nearest one), but this transmission was so advanced that only forerunner technology would be able to pick it up and notice it. This transmission link is what connected the ark to the halos which would enable the ark to send out a signal to the halos for remote activation should some problem arise and the halo not go off. how the covenant found either was they found the transmission signal at the ruins of alpha halo, followed it to its source, earth, the location of the ark, and then from there followed the transmission again to delta halo. Without forerunner technology and records, we would have never found the transmission, or known what it was.

Q & A
Q: why did the forerunner only plan to put themselves on one planet and not all of there planets?
A: The forerunner did not want to have different groups of forerunner grouping up on different planets because it would separate them and since they don't have full knowledge, when two of the groups come in contact with each other, there was a high possibility of war breaking out between them in battles for central control of the race, so the forerunner decide that in order to avoid war, they would only start one colony of forerunner and have them "Reclaim" all the other planets that once belonged to them.

Q: What exactly is the data error?
A: it could be one from a list of many things, a meteor shower, an electrical short out, god hated the forerunner, something, the point is, something happened which caused something unplanned for by the forerunners before halo activated. Every plan has its margin for error.

Q: why does guilty spark then call us reclaimers?
A: Because according to his understanding, we were supposed to be coming to reclaim the halo which rightfully belonged to our race. Since the plan was for the forerunners to be reborn on one planet and from there go out and reclaim all of our other planets and former belongings.

Q: Why do you think the sentinels were fighting the forerunners war with the flood, and why the purpose or using halo was to allow the sentinels to kill off the flood.
A: sort of a theory inside its self. Logically, fighting the flood with ground troops was highly ineffective and only helping the flood because every casualty you gained meant another solder for the flood, so as the battle went on, our numbers would decrease and the floods numbers would increase. As a way to indirectly fight the flood. The forerunner built robotic armies that couldn't be infected. This way the forerunner stood a better chance. However, the flood were still too numerous, too powerful, and multiply too fast for the sentinels to possible stop them (multiply faster than the sentinels could kill them). So ultimately, the sentinels were used to slow the flood down. The sentinels would fight the increasing flood numbers as long as they could while the civilians on the other side of the planet evacuated. Once the flood reached a population, it was game over, so the forerunner would put the sentinels in between them and the flood to by time. This would make it take longer for the flood to completely take over a planet, and reduced the speed at which the flood multiplied and spread enough for the forerunners to build the halos. Because at this point, the forerunner could only buy time, so they used the time to make there last resort. Once halo went of and all hosts died, the flood couldn't multiply any more. They evidence i use is that the sentinel factory which flies could also possibly travel through space and that guilty spark can travel through space, any the large enforcer is like the sentinels tank, and the enforcer is used to fight other tanks

Counter-Counter Points

Guilty spark said all the forerunner died as planned in halo2, explain this?
There are two points I want to make, the first one useful, the other criticizing.
If you follow my story carefully, Halo did kill all the living, breathing, thinking, forerunner at the time, as will as all living, breathing, thinking, life forms. But on board the Ark were unborn preserved embryos. These were not alive, if it makes you happy, we can say they weren't even embryos yet, but just a sperm and egg, Halo kills life according to size. And since micro organisms can't be infect. they were probably unaffected by halo, (hence, how the flood might have survived, since the flood spore is very very small) so technically all life did die, and then the seeds of life were replanted, just like how in the winter, all the flowers (the actual, green steam and roots flower) die, but then the seeds are planted later, but the currently living flowers did still all die during the activation of winter. And look, this doesn't even involve or require the ark to have any sort of shield.

And now for my second criticizing point. Yes guilty spark did say they all died. Guilty spark also said "There is no choice. We must activate the ring." “The installation was well conceived. It is surely the only way to end the Flood threat." and yet, against what guilty spark said, we were able to stop the flood by blowing up the ring when he said we had to activate it to stop them. So guilty spark isn't always correct. Or at least, mention all possibilities.

But guilty spark clearly says reclaimer and forerunner separately of each other because they are different.
Except for that one time he said "why do you hesitate to do want you have already done" and then clearly states that the forerunners/his creators activated the ring and that according to penitent tangent the rings have only been fired once before. So if you as a reclaimers activated the ring before, and the forerunners activated the ring before, and the ring has only been fired once in its life time, then You the reclaimer must be a forerunner therefore Reclaimers=Forerunners, and the reason why GS tends to mention them separately must be because of something cultural of the forerunners.

if the humans are the forerunner, where is the technology?
This is not counter evidence, this is just an unanswered question, but being unanswered doesn't make something counter evidence. The fact that this current theory doesn't answer whether or not truth know the truth make this theory untrue. And as for the answer of how did the forerunner loss their technology. Did you read the theory, I clearly stated a reasonable and possible how, if you want if a little vaguer to be more open ended then here. Something happened that the forerunner weren't counting on that separated them from there technology.

Can you prove that the elites and prophets weren't supposed to be on the same planet together,
No but that is unimportant. That specific error is irrelevant, what is relevant is that the prophets and elites ended up together on planet that the forerunners should have been put. For more evidence, see the evidence section.

Supporting Evidence
-The prophets and elites are on the planet that was supposed to be the forerunners. I support this on the fact that the prophets and elites had to be on a planet that was a jump start to forerunner tech 1-0-1. The covenant started with them, so they had to be somewhere with ships. And also, a planet meant to start up the forerunners on reclaimer there past could also start up another race on the path of claiming all the forerunner goods, which is what happened.

-As for the ark being a ship. Will as you can see, the ark being a ship that goes on a journey makes it into a passage that can more easily and understandably get changed into a misinterpretation of something with the words great journey. However, in this theory of my, you could substitute the ark as a ship for the ark as an installation and instead have it that the ark teleported to pods using the forerunners teleportation technology, to there proper location.

-Noah’s ark was a boat that carried two of every animal and protected it from the flood for forty days and forty nights. Well, my version of the ark; was a ship, contained and embryo of every life form, stored these embryos during the time of the flood and kept them safe from the flood until they were eliminated on every planet. And in the end, this lead to the birth of the covenant by accident (god makes covenant with man) god makes error which makes covenant.

-Halo kills based on size as according to GS which always for the loop hole of single cell organisms to survive without making any sort of shield against the ultimate weapon.

-Only humans have ever been called Reclaimers in the game and have been the only ones allowed to activate halo. Human = reclaimer

-"You can't imagine how exciting this is! To have a record of all of our lost time! Human history, is it? Fascinating." GS. Key word "our", possessive from of we, which means, someone + I. Being created by the forerunner, chances are that GS would respectively associate himself with the forerunner. Therefore, human history is supposed to be a record of the forerunners lost time. And it is lost time. And since Reclaimers = humans, this farther establishes that reclaimers = forerunner = human.

-It was suggested/ hinted that the ark is on or located near earth.

-"The Flood are already hard at work repairing your vessel. Its parasitic nature belies the Flood's intelligence." GS. the POA was labeled never going to be capable of flight ever again according to the semi cannon books, and plus you saw the thing was a wreck, it wasn't designed to land on planets, so i don't that even if fixed they wouldn't be able even get it to take off. The only ship being repaired of in fear of being repaired was a covenant ship. Covenant ships are based off of forerunner technology and ships. So GS must have labeled the Covenant ship as your ship (you the presumed forerunner).

-the arguable conclusion of my other theory one size fits all halos in which i stated the only way human and the covenant could exist is due to forerunner intervention. This is arguable, but this can only add additional supporting evidence, but taking it away does no harm to this current theory.

-All other pieces of evidence that support either humans = reclaimers or humans = forerunners or reclaimers = forerunner. There’s too much list them all, but you know them well.

-Please note, you can try to disprove or counter any of the pieces of evidence, but in order to attack the theory itself you would have to disprove all evidences that human = forerunner, or all evidence suggesting the ark is on halo, or all evidence that micro organisms could survive, in order to do anything. You can't take out one support and say the tower has collapsed, you need to take many more to collapse this tower. And please, for the love of god quote the entire post just to make a one sentence response.

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