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Read it again, buster
Posted By: Narcogen <>Date: 10/5/05 12:11 a.m.

In Response To: Old and Busted (kapowaz)

: Perhaps if you put yourself in the frame of mind of someone from Europe (what
: with it being Euro gamer, after all) you may have noticed that 04/10/05
: means the 4th of October 2005. In essence, er... today. In fact, it was
: posted a little over 7 hours ago.

: Dismiss the content if you will, but don't say it's old material - it's not.

Wow, read up in the thread, will you?

I know they are quoting Bach from this week at X05.

I said so in my second post-- RIGHT UNDER the first post, before anyone else had even replied, because it occurred to me that people would assume I made that error.

Incidentally, I've lived outside the United States for the past six years, and where I live they use the European date format. It's the format I use myself everyday, so I'm not at all likely to make that error.

My points were:

1) Robbie Bach has said this same thing before, so it isn't new;
2) When he said it the first time it was demonstrably false, as Microsoft has specified to Bungie the required launch dates for Halo and Halo 2, from which it seems there is ample evidence that they were not allowed to deviate

Perhaps MS will let Bungie to develop Halo 3 on their own schedule and release it "when it's ready" but Bach's repeated assertions that this has always been the case with the Halo franchise is so ridiculous it's a wonder he can say it with a straight face.

It takes a tough zombie to make a tender videogame

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