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The Silver Grunty -regret temple
Posted By: vshields ash <>Date: 9/15/05 4:21 a.m.

( before you shake your head- he exists, me ;)

i have had a chance, to go over a few hours of tape, from the prophet chairs fiasco. i found my silver grunty tape footage. armed, and un armed. only saw him twice, and both in that one instance. ( i killed him to see if a color grunt would come back, but silver dude showed up, sans gun ;)

he was one of the reasons i kept going back in. it was an odd point in the research of the phenom. he doesn't flash at all. other things do, some, like a chair perhaps.

but as far as my perspective of him, and the changing light on my weapons, and the scene around me, as we moved around the place, we were stable in color. in normal light, that being the main open areas, he's sort of light sand color.( couple shades of like gray, otherwise, as in shadow) when you shine the flashlight on him, he's pure silver, just like when one of the prophet chairs lights up.
( they do actually. for some reason, even without flashlight, at certain angles, they look like bright shining silver, and so does grunty.)

i'm still trying to collate what's in my head. silver grunty, standing prophet, falling chairs, 6 punchs,twice on the chair w/the prophet , to kill him, when it's normally only once, 3 hits to his mug, differant endscenes... 5 differant endscenes so far !!!
thinkin of going in, as both players in co-op. ( not sure if same results available as in single player)

got some dreams- find an invincible dude, and blow him back to the mainland, or somehow survive getting off the temple and walking under water to shore.
( is there any way, to bring a vehicle? everything i bring, even a tank, vanishs ;(

a lil aside... i began to notice some odd things. not odd to you, but fairly odd to me. the tall nose of the platform you arrive on, got darker. about where the mouth looking thing is, and the right side of that. also, the slight raised edges on the same platform. it gave me the creeps, like it was about to vanish.

also...the prophet definately links to the ,er, foursided thing behind the door that won't open... you can tell. he sits there and bends as if listening, turns around, and knows exactly where you are, then enemies show up fast.

and just a teaser- sounds. now, i doubt if you listened a heck of a lot to all of the sounds, in that temple .... i have... and it's very weird.
go in, take out who u must, to get a quiet moment, and sit and listen.
there are moans, rings, sorta chimes, cracks, crunchs, waterfalls, all kinds of stuff. but it was the rings that grabbed us most of all. ( the wife noticed it first) Like a tone, or a phone, sumthin... quite mysterioso :)


the simplest way i know of, to hear the temple. go in the basement, and stand on the 4 sided obelisk. it not only lets you hear stuff, but if you stand on it's top, the huge doors over your head open. beware, i've seen grunts come from downstairs...keep sharp ;)

p.s. sorry Mr. Wu., for thinking he was on the tape i sent bad ;(

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