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Cortana and General Halo Speculation
Posted By: Dark OneDate: 9/3/05 3:40 p.m.

There's been something really nagging at me in Halo 2. When Cortana says she'll activate IAC if Halo's activated, she clearly doesn't. Why? Something just wasn't right with what Cortana did.

In fact, Cortana having to stay there is not very clear either. We know Cortana can transfer herself to and from Master Chief through touch. Why couldn't she set a remote activation of 30 seconds before transfering to chief? That certainly would be enough time to escape and destroy Halo. It's clear that not only did she have no real intent to leave, but she also had no real intent to stop anything.

The question is, why?

Cortana clearly had obtained an amazing level of intel that would be important for humanity's survival.

She is in the system of the very core of the Covenant Empire. Without doubt she was able to obtain maps of every major Covenant system, future plans, R & D, and more information on the Forerunners. Even more importantly is that she would have access to Covenant Flood knowledge. She would have access to data on what the Covenant knows of the Flood and even possible weaponization of the Flood. Coupled with the Halo 04 data, they would likely have unimaginable knowledge on the Flood, including the Gravemind.

All of this would help Earth. Even after repelling a major assault by Truth's fleet, Earth would need to finish off the other major battlegroups and take many hardened Covenant positions. Her intel would be very valuable. What's really strange is how Cortana doesn't simply stop Truth, Mercy, and Tartarus from moving further and vent atmosphere out of the passages Master Chief doesn't need to go through or find some other way of preventing attacks and stopping Truth from moving further. Undoubtedly shutting every single door except the ones that would lead Master Chief to Truth would give him all the time he needs before they reach their phantoms.

Why is it she can't do all of this? A lot of the data she gathered from Reach to Earth isn't needed anymore. Certainly she dumped some of this data and freed her systems up. Yet, she isn't able to be of much more use than as a guide. None of the tactics used on Ascendant Justice were used. Why? She should have been able to stop many of the Covenant attacking you and keep Truth away. I think there were alternative motives here as well. She wanted Truth and Tartarus to escape. Perhaps she saw what would happen.

Then there's the Gravemind. Cortana wouldn't have many good reasons to stay if she wasn't going to destroy Halo. The most likely possibility is that Cortana wanted to meet the Gravemind or planned it all along.

An interesting problem was mentioned about Cortana. Why didn't the Gravemind talk to Cortana before MC and Arbiter woke up? Perhaps he did. Perhaps Cortana and the Gravemind had a long discussion of sorts. Undoubtedly the time from Regret's death to the scene with the Gravemind is a good while. Maybe Cortana and the Gravemind planned the entire progression of events from Gravemind to Great Journey. In fact, perhaps she teleported Master Chief and the Arbiter.

It also seems odd that the civil war suddenly erupts when Master Chief arrives. Perhaps Master Chief ended up causing the sudden war. I kind of doubt the Flood would have so successfully wiped out the Covenant had they not been killing themselves. There was no way they were prepared. I don't think Master Chief alone would have made a difference. Cortana probably had access to Covenant data and had plenty of translating ability. She could have realized a civil war was imminent and tried to quicken the process. Perhaps Cortana and the Gravemind worked together to start the civil war, in a way. Together they figured that Master Chief would fully ignite the war and cause Tartarus to go to Halo's control room. There the Arbiter would kill Tartarus and prevent Halo's activation. At the same time the Covenant fleet would be reduced to a minute threat upon arrival at Earth. The intent being to prevent activation of the Ark, which was undoubtedly one of the reasons Cortana has Master Chief leave.

Think about it, Cortana doesn't want Truth to reach Earth, but seems to show little regret in helping the Flood escape Halo and almost let Halo activate? Clearly she doesn't have humanity's best interests at heart. In fact, it seems her only real interest is in destroying the Covenant. No longer so much obsessed with defending humanity, but instead focused on stopping the Covenant. However, she does this by joining the Flood.

Why does she do this? What can she gain from the Flood? It's obvious she facillitated the Gravemind in some way. She also has few qualms about helping the Flood. With In Amber Clad the Gravemind could take planet after planet and Cortana must know this. For some reason she seems to be facillitating the Flood.

Now something else that confused me was how did Regret end up with the Gravemind? I distinctly remember slamming Regret in the face 10 or 20 times with my superhuman fist than watching his chair explode and the building he was in get vaporized by a plasma bombardment. What happened? Regret should be dead 1000 times over. Did Gravemind save him in those scant few seconds? Does that mean the Gravemind was actually monitoring you the entire time? Why? What reason would the Gravemind have for watching your go after Regret and saving Regret.

This brings up another point, if Regret can be saved, maybe the Prophet of Mercy is saved as well. Clearly Mercy was closer to Truth, what secrets did Truth reveal? Could there be some significance to Mercy not being turned into a Flood form? How is Gravemind able to revive dead creatures? Maybe Cortana was interested in this ability to seemingly provide immortality to any living creature.

On the Flood there's another interesting point. In the letter from the Prophet of Supposition he speculates on the Flood's purpose. Supposition indicates that samples were captured, undoubtedly in greater numerity than humans had, though live specimens go unmentioned if there are any. Supposition also says they may be used as a weapon. Maybe this is what Cortana discovered while looking over High Charity's systems. Maybe that's her real reason for staying. Maybe the Covenant were looking into ways to use the Flood as a weapon and even a sort of potion of immortality. Certainly Cortana would be interested in the Flood's apparent immortality.

I also have questions about the Prophets. What happened to the Council? We know the Elites were killed, but does the same go for the Prophets? Is Truth the last Prophet or have the other Prophets escaped onto Brute ships? Are the Prophets all going to Earth then?

I also have an idea as to what their titles mean. I don't think it's so much that each Prophet has that personality or quality, but that they safeguard that quality of the Covenant. Supposition is the curiosity of the Covenant. Regret is the shame of the Covenant. Truth is the knowledge of the Covenant. This makes an interesting point. Mercy is therefore, the Covenant's mercy. He seems more concerned with the unity of the Covenant than Truth. Mercy is also heard saying before he dies that "none of you will be left behind" while referring to Earth. This seems to indicate that he wants humanity to go on the Great Journey, but that's supposed to only be for the Covenant. Perhaps Mercy wanted humanity to join the Covenant and was also protesting the sudden call to arms against the Elites. Maybe this is why Truth allowed Mercy to be killed. It's also quite awkward how Mercy tells Master Chief exactly where Truth is going. It seems Mercy no longer feels kinship of any kind towards Truth and heck, I certainly wouldn't if he left me for dead. However, maybe there's some deeper reason. Maybe Truth revealed things to Mercy or the Oracle revealed things and Mercy wants Master Chief to kill Truth and stop the activation of the Halos.

Anyway, that's all I have right now.

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