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Re: ARR It's Flooding Matey's!
Posted By: DuckofDoomDate: 7/27/05 2:37 p.m.

In Response To: Re: ARR It's Flooding Matey's! (BJB)

: That's fascinating!

: Is there a way to find out how much (very rough stimate of) calcium is in a
: grunt? There doesn't seem to be any combat flood forms built from them.

: Take it or leave it :]

: -B.J.

Aren't there several ways to produce Carriers, however? I believe the first is to directly create a carrier out of a Grunt (look at the legs of the carriers, they are decidedly Gruntilke in size and shape) or to wait until a Combat Form is too damaged/decayed to create a Combat Form and inflatorize it into a Carrier. [The second I forget where I picked it up, but it might have been Halo: The Flood]

That's how I remember it. Also, it depends on Grunt weight, which assuming they have the same ratio of weight-height-calcium content [<-- Large Assumption] is the same as a human being, give or take a little. [Grunts are unilaterally said to be 5' tall or a bit less, excepting the Prologue of Fall of Reach [1 Meter?!] in which case we fall upon the time-honored Mr. Nylund's Editor Hasn't Played Halo or Mr. Nylund's Editor Doesn't Understand Metric explanation.]

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