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Re: ARR It's Flooding Matey's!
Posted By: mercuryDate: 7/27/05 10:17 a.m.

In Response To: ARR It's Flooding Matey's! (Slith)

A few things...

I've always had a feeling that the forerunners "created" the flood. Maybe this just means that the flood did exist on a planet as you say, but the forerunner saw potential as a biological weapon (or maybe a way of extending their own lives) when they saw what the flood was doing to their own. So they created the flood to be what it is now, to their detriment.

The one thing I have trouble with your flood planet theory is; how did the flood develop the ability to take over the brain, if the organisms on their planet had an immunity? They would have needed some reason to develop the ability to read the information in a hosts brain. Maybe thats where the forerunner come in?

Also you touched on viruses, and their ability to hijack a cell with their own DNA, but I didn't quite catch where you were going with it. If in fact the flood worked through DNA, it would make sense that it wouldn't need to hijack the brain for movement information... couldn't that be derived from the victims DNA? Then again, much of our movement is learned throughout life, so who knows.

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