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Re: Question!
Posted By: mrbananas <>Date: 6/6/05 1:22 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Question! (58)

: Right. If there were a way to shield against it, then the Haloes would be
: purposeless. Their entire point is to kill all life without damaging the
: Flood greatly. It kills all of the Flood not on the Halo rings, either
: directly or indirectly, and keeps the rest for study. The Foreruner
: thought the Flood was so important that they could eradicate all life in
: this Galaxy simply for the purpose of studying the parasyte.

No, that is not the real purpose of the rings. the purpose was to stop the flood. defeat the flood, the only method left for stoping the flood was to good down with it. its not they were trying to not damage the flood, they were trying to kill them by starving them to death. if one super special organism was able to survive the rigns, would that have made all the forerunners efforts in vain? NO. its not a matter of killing all life, its a matter of killing enough life to stop the flood. one antilope will not sustain 15 million lions, neither will 2, or 3, or 12 sustain 15million lions

100,000years is too short a time for any life to restart in the galaxy and evole into a sentiant creature. Some how, the existance of every race currently in the galaxy had something to do with the forerunner. No shield would mean no chance of life to continue after the flood were defeated, at least, not within 100,000 years. Noahs ark had two of each animal. after the flood had starved in oh say 40 days and 40 nights. the ark would reseed the galaxy with life. maybe the ark could shield living beings inside,or maybe the ark just had a collection of frozen embroyos inside. (if so, don't you think they would put a forerunner embroyo on it too). Maybe the ark was piloted, maybe it was automatic. fact is, 100,000 years is not enough time.

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