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More Theory *long*
Posted By: Covenant Goldfish <>Date: 6/6/05 4:30 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Covenant Hitler Theory *medium* (Covenant Goldfish)

Sorry for the double post.

So Tartarus is forcing Miranda to arm Delta Halo.

Why aren't the Prophets with them? They knew they would fail, my theory is completely wrong (there's probably more reasons but I can't think of any more right now).

How did they know Tartarus would fail (if correct)?
There are millions of possibilities. Time travel, Psychic abilities, they guessed that Master Chief would overcome the Brutes etc.

1. Time Travel: In the future they will have the stone, they already have a stone but need the other piece for something.

2. Psychic abilities: This would connect with the name "Prophets". Then again, marines came up with the names for the covenant (It says it somewhere I think). Unless ONI came up with the name and knows something about the Prophets that we don't know.

3. They've been fighting the Humans for 27 years. They might've guessed/known.

Next subject:

Not all of this has to do with my previous theory. Just another one I thought up.

The Halos were fired 100,000 years ago. 58 asked
"How do the Prophets survive the firing of the Haloes?"

The Prophets survived because they were the ones that fired the Halos.

So the Prophets find the Forerunner: A peaceful species who came across the Flood. The Forerunner let the Prophets stay and the Prophets learn some things from the Forerunner technology.

The Forerunner are joyful that there is another species in the universe. Some Prophets are not happy yet are amazed at the Halos and are full of jealousy.
Many of the Prophets are happy and are truly awe-struck.
The jealous Prophets get an idea to use the Halos for evil so they can get rid of all other species.
They fire the Halos. The remaining Forerunner are completely suprised and flabbergasted at what the Prophets have done and flee. The Prophets now have their technology and know where all/some of the Halos are. They erase some of the monitors memory but are not able to erase all.

The happy Prophets decide to uphold the Forerunner name and some start a religion. Soon everyone actually believes the religion.
Truth knows what really happened, though.

They discover the other species in the universe. They realize that the Halos didn't work. The radius was too small. The radius was small so that it didn't destroy anything near it but large enough so that it would destroy sentient life. But it would never be fired as the containment was nearly impossible to breach. They fix it and change the monitors memory of the previous radius. They now can kill sentient life within 3 radi of the galactic center.

Then the Forming of Covenant, Covenant War against Humans... blah blah blah.

Part of me wonders what have the Prophets have been doing in the last 100,000 years, if my theory is correct.

I may have missed out some things but I'm trying to think very hard. The last part and about the Flood I was very vague. You can take pieces from my previous theory or from other theories.


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