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Re: Installation 05-Still remotely functional?
Posted By: gg1978 <>Date: 6/5/05 9:54 p.m.

In Response To: Installation 05-Still remotely functional? (oBlade)

: In the first cutscene of H2, two (damaged) fragments of Alpha Halo can be
: seen, even still rotating as if the rest of the installation were there,
: either because the Covenant corrected it's spin after they arrived (it is
: a relic and what not), or it corrected itself, etc.

: Assuming the control room is still intact (and the main firing mechanisms),
: it should still be able to fire. After all, the Forerunner wouldn't want
: such an expensive structure to be destroyed by anyone/any Flood with a
: hydrogen bomb. Seeing how it could sustain it's orbit and rotation very
: well for upwards of 100,000 years, I'm sure any ring is capable of
: recovering from an explosion even of that magnitude.

: Now, I'm going to go make sure those fragments are orbiting Threshold in the
: cutscene.

I suspect "Alpha Halo" or "Installation 04" is pretty much shot. For one thing, there is a lot missing there, and i don't think the "mini sentinels" even have enough raw material to gather to "fix" the Halo, let alone the time to actually do it. The question as to whether it could be remotely fired is yes, it could, as all the installations are in "standby" mode now, going by the end of "The Great Journey".. They can only be fired from wherever the ark is, whether they have the "index" installed in their respective control rooms or not. Installation 04 is "alive" enough to show up on the little hologram thing there, and i suspect it's the one with the red flashing lettering pointing to it, indicating somethings really wrong with it. Kinda how your car's oil light will come on, if it's out of oil.. ;)

I also think the "blue blasts" that we saw in the "Halo" level of Halo 1 have something to do with the firing mechanism. They were located in more than just one place on the ring, probably. Perhaps they'd be "bigger" if the Halo in question was going to fire. The small ones we saw in Halo 1 possibly were the "simulated firings" that 2401 PT talks about. With over 100000 years to "test fire", it certainly would be a lot of tests.

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