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crack-fueled speculation! (someone call Hamish)
Posted By: rosignol <>Date: 2/24/01 12:39 p.m.

In Response To: Just in case... (Anonymous Coward)

: Just in case the text 'disappears'...

: --

: two palaces, far apart, 6,000 years the wiser of 3.

the wiser of 3?

A reference to the three original AIs? 'The wiser' might be Durandal, but maybe not...

: communication of
: discovery pulls them closer, but their distance makes them weary,
: confused, time is lost. amy persuaded kayla to depart, as the phoenix
: emerged from the south, never to touch the ground again. a hole fills
: itself in, almost a million are lost in the blink of a heart beat. that is
: where i come, to be the lost, 10th of the 9.

It's worth pointing out that the page at is titled 'destiny'.

What is meant by '10th of the 9' looks like a warping of the usual 'ten cyborgs' reference.... it could be an indication that the old 'what are you' question is going to be reopened. =)

: there has been some stipulation as to what waste removal and the likeness of
: bodily function, my age and what i represent. i am the oldest of the old,
: i was there when evil became evil and prior to that they all feared me. i
: am that which you burn, but also that what is grown from the ashes.

References to the Phoenix, but the phoenix is a reference to something else. Nice puzzle, going to have to work on it....

: your discarded carcus,

Carcus? Is that a typo? Mebbe meant as carcass? I don't want to overanalyze a typo, but it could be an obscure reference to something... aaargh.

Google turned these up, tho..

So I suppose it could go either way...

: an empty rice box, a new life on a fetal monitor, a
: rebirth of an old, forgotten religion.

The Covenant is described as religous zealots, but it doesn't quite fit.

Does anyone know if the S'pht worshipped the Jjaro?

: water,


: darkness, i give chase to the mighty hunter,

Mighty hunter = Orion?

: that i might once again strike him, destroying his
: world, but creating another, bigger, emergence of sin, repent, and
: deception, a faux ego, one so large, that i pull
: the crab closer for stability and for nurishment. if you haven't seem me yet,
: its because you don't exist, never have and never will. death, rebirth,
: dirt, life, me.

Seems to be describing a cycle, which would tie into the Phoenix references...

: as kayla lifted her rose crushing site, [zap]

: Has anyone got any idea quite what's going on? I personally think it's a
: post-apocalyptic throwback to dire British sitcom 'Birds of a Feather'
: (characters 'Sharon' and 'Tracey') - but I could be wrong... :-)

I have no idea. That last paragraph was utterly loopy.

However, you should have tried to keep the original formatting on the page-

[i heard of a childrens story with an epic ship, full of tasteless life]

Didn't matt say something...

"- The interior of the covenant ship we’re working on now is huge; a massive structure of curvy, shiny metal and these enormous docking bays for dropships. "

It could be that 'tasteless life' refers to esthetics. Apologies to ydnar, but I recall describing the alien ship patterns in M2 as 'alien golfers on acid...' =)

mmmmm.... good crack....

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