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Re: You can't beat the Efnet chat debacle...
Posted By: CuriousDate: 12/21/00 5:02 a.m.

In Response To: You can't beat the Efnet chat debacle... (nexZ)

That would probably be a *bad* idea, if you were there 20 minutes before the chat began and as soon as the moderation was cut there were several pages of scrolling and immaturity. I didn't expect anything else, but you know if you de-moderated it for five seconds people will start getting words in about PC vs Console and "M$ Suckz" sort of thing. It just gets reallllllly old, reaaaaallllllly quickly.

I liked the chat but one thing bothered me. You should be in there half an hour early taking questions. Taking on the fly questions from 250 people guarantees the good questions won't be answered. Not to mention each person on average asked 5 questions, some (whistles quietly) asked more, like 15 or more.

Reading the Q&A was similar to reading one of our many FAQs but it was moving in real time. Not much of an improvement.

Just MNSHO anyway.

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