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Re: My Return
Posted By: Carth <>Date: 10/3/00 6:39 p.m.

In Response To: My Return (Island Four)

> Island Four returns, not with a vengeance, but with a warning.

> Esta noche puedo escribir los versos mas triste sobre ella.

"Tonight [puedo] write the verse but unhappy at she. "
hmm... who's puedo? this online translator sucks. i coulda guessed that by myself. oh well. If mas is really más, its not but, but more! that is, "Tonight [puedo] writes the extra angry verses at her", or something to that effect... hmmm.... If thats the warning, someone is writing something tonight. ARGH the pain!

> I will not let them ruin me.

> I have regretted my long absence.

> You will hear more from me. If you're lucky. =)

> Speed Kills, but only the weak. The search is not for the
> makers, but for the meaning. Always remember this. Many haven't.

sounds like Durandal quotes. but dont hang me if it isnt, cause its been a while since i played.

> - Island Four

> *******

> "In futurity
> I prophetic see
> That the Earth from sleep
> (Grave the sentence deep)

> Shall arise and seek
> For her maker meek ..."

> *******

> "'Lost in desart wild
> Is your little child'".

> *******

both are from "Songs of Experience" by William Blake. Full text follows (© William Blake or whoever):

"Songs of Experience" by William Blake


In futurity
I prophetic see,
That the earth from sleep,
(Grave the sentence deep)

Shall arise and seek
For her maker meek:
And the desart wild
Become a garden mild.

In the southern clime,
Where the summers prime,
Never fades away;
Lovely Lyca lay.

Seven summers old
Lovely Lyca told.
She had wanderd long.
Hearing wild birds song.

Sweet sleep come to me
Underneath this tree;
Do father, mother weep.
Where can Lyca sleep.

Lost in desart wild
Is your little child.
How can Lyca sleep,
If her mother weep.

If her heart does ake,
Then let Lyca wake;
If my mother sleep,
Lyca shall not weep.

Frowning frowning night,
O'er this desart bright,
Let thy moon arise,
While I close my eyes.

Sleeping Lyca lay;
While the beasts of prey,
Come from caverns deep,
View'd the maid asleep

The kingly lion stood
And the virgin view'd,
Then he gambold round
O'er the hallowd ground;

Leopards, tygers play,
Round her as she lay;
While the lion old,
Bow'd his mane of gold.

And her bosom lick,
And upon her neck,
From his eyes of Bame,
Ruby tears there came;

While the lioness,
Loos'd her slender dress.
And naked they convey'd
To caves the sleeping maid.


I was never good at that in school, so can someone please tell me what all this means? =D


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