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Crazy idea...
Posted By: Gunslinger_19Date: 1/8/05 4:59 p.m.

In Response To: "A Whisper in the Storm" = Arbiter Prayer (Spacegoat)


Okay, here's my idea: the prayer is being said by a Forerunner that the Gravemind absorbed.

Try to stay with me here. I'm starting to confuse myself thinking about this. :P

OK, so.

Mr. Forerunner designs nifty little lifeform he calls "the Flood". I don't know why. Make up a reason.

Flood gets out of control.

Halos built.

Other Forerunners get angry at Mr. Forerunner, and give him ultimate punishment: make him into his own creation. He gets absorbed into the Flood and the nexus of the Gravemind is formed.

Flood kill off Forerunner, but not before Forerunners shoot off Halos, leave Monitors to keep everything in tip-top shape until Reclaimers (humans) can take care of things.

Meanwhile, Mr. Forerunner is still conscious inside Gravemind. No fun. He wants to die. He wants the Gravemind to be destroyed. He wants to be forgiven for his crimes against God--designing the Flood while playing God. He wants the light that cannot be extinguished: the firing of the Halos.

Do I make sense, or am I just rambling?

My question: why does he say "Amen" in the middle of the prayer? I'm pretty sure that's what you say at the end...

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